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8/19 - DC Anthony David
@ Liv, Thursday Aug 19 2010
Thursday August 19, 2010
7:30 pm - 1:00 am
Cover: $18.00
Cover Notes: $18 adv
Music: Neo-Soul

This is one of the coolest, laid back and talented people on the planet. He plays great guitar, writes Grammy Nominated songs and sings great to boot. Maybe it's in the water down there in Georgia (or the biscuits?). We don't know what it is, but Anthony David is one of the performers that we imagine will be making big moves and we can only hope that he remembers us when he's playing for the First Family and the stadiums around the planet.

This is the writer and that voice behind "Words", the wildly popular single ft. Indie Arie off his last album Acey Duecy that was Grammy Nominated.

His latest project As Above, So Below is due to come out in October, so we're hoping to hear some of that new material.

I just heard this CD by Anthony David, who's an R&B guy -- I put him on there. That's brand new, so I'm kind of enjoying that a lot now. - Michelle Obama Marie Claire