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@ WBLS 107.5, Friday Apr 20 2018
Friday April 20, 2018
Every Friday
10:00 pm - 12:00 am
All Ages
Cover: FREE
Music: Classic Soul, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Soulful House, and more



from 10pm-12am

Little Louie Vega & Kevin Hedge!

Listen to the music that will make you feel good in every way!


WBLS 107.5 10pm-12am

Roots NYC LIVE with legendary Little Louie Vega & Kevin Hedge on WBLS 107.5 every Friday from 10pm-12am!

Supporting the underground HOUSE music scene and bring CLASSICs back the way only they can! Tune in and show your love or stream it online!  Support the music you love!

Steam live

All shows archived & downloads available, Enjoy everyone! Download: 




Kevin Hedge of Blaze NEW MUSIC : My Baby He Loves Me out now on Traxsource! GET YOUR COPY NOW!!/ROOTSnyc


For the past 4years ROOTSNYCLIVE on WBLS 107.5 has been bringing our music, DEEP SOULFUL HOUSE to the mainstream masses every Friday night from 11pm to 1am. This time slot is something our music has not enjoyed in over 20 years and we have been blessed with a great response, thanks to all of you wonderful listeners tuning in every week on the radio from the tri state area, and all the dedicated listeners from around the world tuning in online at For your support we say THANK YOU!!! We (you + us) have been truly making an impact on mainstream radio with OUR music from the past and present. 

Starting Friday, May 20, 2011 our community and our music took another solid step toward getting the recognition and attention we all know it deserves, ROOTSNYCLIVE will be moving to 10pm giving us 2 FULL PRIME TIME HOURS ! 
Every week WE (you + us), thanks to WBLS are blessed with the opportunity to represent for the music of the Paradise Garage, The Loft, The Shelter, Sound Factory and all the other great clubs that are too mention. Most importantly, we are representing and playing our latest, most current music of today for those of us who know all the words but also for an entire new audience that is falling in love with OUR Music for the very first time. This is an audience that is experiencing for the first time what many of us felt the first time we stepped onto our favorite dance floors years ago. They are feeling the true spirit and the uplifting energy that lives in our music! The overwhelming positive response to ROOTSNYCLIVE has come to the attention of WBLS and they are providing us with a golden opportunity to make OUR presence felt in NYC and around the world!!! 

This is where all of you faithful listeners and house heads can make a real difference, you can help keep this new prime time slot just by continuing to listen every Friday and by helping spread the word to everyone that ROOTSNYCLIVE is playing OUR music every Friday night starting at 10pm! 
We will celebrate our music and our culture by sharing the latest tracks, parties and the classics we all know and love each week! The belief is that WE (you+us), are truly the best the universe has to offer, WE create, WE listen, WE dance, WE love, OUR music nurtures the inner spirit and what's best of humankind. 

We have always been patient and dedicated to OUR music and NOW, finally, a chance, a real opportunity to make a difference on how our culture gets seen and heard. ROOTSNYCLIVE is much more than just DJs with a radio show, it's a show that represents over 30 years of how WE (you+us), do what we do, when we do what we do, for an entire underground community of club and house heads, artists and dancers alike.

ROOTSNYCLIVE belongs to us all, its a platform for our greatest hits, new and unreleased music, a place to discuss topics that relate to us and a great way to reach heads new and old around NYC and the world! 

Join us this and every FRIDAY at 10pm on 107.5 WBLS !