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EP: You Love Me Anyway | Marco Miro ft. Melanie Scholtz

on February 20, 2018with 0 comments

Good House Keeping Records king pin Marco Miro returns with his usual assault of beautifully crafted, feel good house music with his You Love Me Anyway EP. The title track ‘You Love Me Anyway’ featuring the vocal and songwriting talents of South African singer Melanie Scholtz, oozes with the familiar production values fans of Marco’s work have grown to love, with dynamic percussive programming counter playing against the warm haze conjured up by the vocal and melodic elements. Underpinning this modern day love song is a slick bass line that urges you to lock into the groove laid down by Marco.


Melanie finds the soul in the production and it feels like it just lifts the track in cool and refined manner. “You love me anyway” is a powerful collaboration.


For those looking to utilise the stunning groove of the title track ‘Love Me Anyway’ you will also find a instrumental mix on the release. Concentrating on the rhythmic base and simple but full keys which fill this track.


To round out the record Marco delivers a dub version of ‘You Love Me Any way’ breaking down and dissecting his production further. Here Marco weaves the vocal in an out with such a delicate touch that it brings a different but equally powerful musical journey. Stripped back and musically succinct.

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