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Björk new album Utopia out now on One Little Indian


Björk’s ninth studio album, Utopia is out now via One Little Indian Records, and is available for purchase (including cryptocurrency) at

The album is written by Björk with five of the 14 songs co-written by Arca and one co-written by Sarah Hopkins. All of the songs except one is co-produced by Arca. One of the songs is co-produced by Rabit. Björk formed a twelve piece, Icelandic, all-women flute orchestra, which she arranged for and conducted.

She also wrote an arrangement for Hamrahlíðarkórinn, a choir conducted by Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir. The album was edited and structured by Björk on Pro Tools. It was engineered by Bergur Þórisson, Bart Migal and Chris Elms. It was mixed by Heba Kadry and Marta Salogni and mastered by Mandy Parnell.

The album cover was created by Jesse Kanda, in collaboration with Björk, James Merry and makeup artist Hungry. The rest of the album artwork features new digital illuminations and typography from MM Paris.

Björk is also the first artist to use cryptocurrency in a meaningful way, making her album available to buy with Bitcoin (BTC), Audiocoin (ADC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dashcoin (DASH) – all now valid currency in her online store.

Andrew Thomas Huang directed video to “The Gate,” the first track released from the album:

YouTube Preview Image
The video to “Blissing Me,” the second single, is directed by Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, featuring makeup by Hungry and shot in one single take in Iceland:

YouTube Preview Image


TRIBE TAMBOR CRUISE Bahamas May 4 – 7, 2018 | Only $200 to hold space + more DJs added


The 2018 Tribe/Tambor Cruise Friday, May 4th – Monday, May 7th

w/ DJs Stan Zeff, Zepherin Saint, Jihad Muhammad, Ian Friday, Tyrone Francis, Mark Francis, Wayne Williams, Alan King, Terry Hunter, Yogi, David Montoya, Sabine Blaizin, Angelo, Da Mike & Shimza

In addition to all the events / parties, the price of your cabins includes:

- Round trip cruise from Miami – CocoCay Island – Nassau – Miami


- Food: Available on board almost around the clock

- Port fee and ticketing fees

- Use of all the pools and many other activities on board

Pre-party Thursday, May 4th at the Electric Pickle in Miami – more details come soon









Video: Tarrey Torae’s “Little Girl”


This month Tarrey Torae presents a new music video to you from her song titled “Little Girl.”  The video features the ultra talent of The Chicago Contemporary Dance Theatre with powerful choreography direction from Ms. Lynna Hollis.

It was filmed in Chicago with the Emmy Award Winning Director, Cam Be of Camovement.  Award winning poet, J. Ivy who is also a co-writer and producer on the song shared a role on set with Tarrey to assist with the vibe and look of the video.  Also, the music for the song was produced by the musician/artist Marshall Knights from Torae’s album The Sweetest Survivor.  In addition, the video was edited by Christine Varisse.

We hope this video inspires you and adds to the positive light that lives in all of us. We hope it inspires little girls every where to be better and more beautiful then they already are. And we hope that it helps to remind us all to contribute more positivity and be better at how we connect with this beautiful new generation of hope!

YouTube Preview Image

Words about the music video “Little Girl” from Tarrey Torae:

“I am truly grateful for the experience!  It is highly rewarding knowing that I can touch so many with my words, melody and voice!”

Please watch this video below and repost it, share it with your friends, family and colleagues to start dialogues that address our young ladies in greater ways so that they may be inspired too. This is the beginning of many more positively crafted moments that Tarrey will be sharing with you!  Stay in tune with her musical journey filled with songs for the community, family and love by following and subscribing to her Social Networks:

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Shinola announces its new Canfield Headphone Collection


The Detroit-based Design and Manufacturing Brand, Shinola, announces its new Canfield Headphone Collection is out today. Two years in the making, Shinola’s in-house team carefully tuned and engineered the Canfield Collection (4 different styles of headphones) with the same rigor and craftsmanship they employ across their growing number of product categories. Long known for their impeccable fine watches, it was developed with the same high-quality materials, finishes, and processes they use to make their watches, and the sound signature is rich, warm, and expansive. This is an approach to personal listening that’s anything but disposable. This marks the brands second entry into the music space, following their debut in 2017 with their stunning Runwell Turntable and Bookshelf Speakers created with music connoisseurs in mind.


The 4 headphone styles include: The Canfield Over-Ear, The Canfield On-EarThe Canfield Pro In- Ear Monitor, and The Canfield In-Ear Monitor. The In-Ear options will be available for purchase in December but the rest are available now in Shinola stores, online, and at select domestic retailers.


“This introduction is special. It speaks to our love of music and craft and it speaks to the soul of Detroit. It is rare that one product can capture and transmit this much emotion and be so much fun to share. People always smile when they hold the headphones, feel the quality and then listen. It has taken us a while to make it feel right, to make the steel and leather details and the sound all come together. We are so proud of this effort from our Audio team. Their tireless efforts have created a product that personifies what Shinola has come to stand for.” - SHINOLA FOUNDERTOM KARTSOTIS




Femi Kuti announces 10th album + shares title track “One People One World”

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.44.32 AM




YouTube Preview Image

Bombastic and upbeat” –Billboard

Femi Kuti is the heart and soul of modern Afrobeat. Femi’s father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, created the style – a blend of traditional Nigerian drum patterns, the smooth groove of highlife and American soul, funk and R&B – and took it to the world, inspiring people with insistent dance beats and lyrics bristling with political statements. Afrobeat moved several generations of musicians, in Nigeria and around the world, to follow Fela’s dictum and use music as a weapon to fight for justice and freedom. Femi and his band, Positive Force, are at the forefront of that movement, continually expanding the music’s vocabulary, adding hints of punk and hip-hop to the sound, while maintaining its traditional roots and political message.

When he’s home in Nigeria, Femi and his band play at The Shrine, the dancehall and concert space he built as a memorial to his father. The club is the eye of the global Afrobeat storm, a gathering place for fans old and new, a rallying spot for activists and dancers. As a spokesperson for UNICEF’s crusade for the rights of children and an advocate for HIV/AIDS education and prevention, Femi is recognized as a community leader and an inspiration for African resistance to the remnants of colonial mentality and economic hardship.

The Shrine’s Sunday Jumps draw more listeners than can possibly fit into the club. “When we built it, there was nothing around The Shrine,” Femi says. “Over the years, a neighborhood of homes and businesses sprang up. The Shrine has become one of the most famous places in the country. We keep the price low, so everybody can afford the show.” The Shrine allows Femi’s music to develop organically, driven by his weekly interactions with the alternative cultural and political voices of his fans, feelings that are then amplified by the music.

One People One World sees Femi returning to the music’s African roots. Hints of reggae, highlife, soul, R&B and other African, Caribbean and African American flavors go swirling through the mix, adding depth and complexity to the arrangements, but the influences don’t distract from Femi’s signature sound. “When I was a boy, I listened to funk, highlife, jazz, folk songs, classical music and my father’s compositions, so you will hear those things in the music, but everything on this record comes strictly from my heart and soul. Like Africa itself, Afrobeat has endless possibilities within its structure. As we play live at The Shrine, the songs evolve, absorbing the energy of the audience. It’s like painting, with the changing hues and tones of the dancers coloring the music. When we it take it into the studio, you hear all of those influences moving together.”

One People One World is pure Afrobeat, with the potent horn lines Femi created for the band punching up the tempo, driving everything forward at a frenetic pace. The new album is still political but, for the first time, there are love songs and celebrations of our common humanity. “Yes, the music is more uplifting, more optimistic,” Femi says. “I’m a father and I love my kids, so I want to give the younger generation a message of hope. Despite all our problems, we can create greatness in our lives.”

Femi recorded most of the album in chaotic Lagos, with musicians from Positive Force, and his son, Omorinmade Anikulapo – Kuti. “My son, Made, is studying music in England at Trinity College, the same place his grandfather Fela Kuti studied, and played piano and bass on many of the tracks,” Femi says. “His contribution brought an intimacy to the sessions. Having Made play with me, and give me advice on the arrangements, was lovely.”

“One People One World” is a plea for global unity, with a sizzling call and response between the horn section and Femi’s sincere vocal. Awomolo Opeyemi’s rippling soukous guitar, Andrew Aghedo’s reggae-influenced bass line and Ayodele Alaba’s crackling drum kit take the song deeper. “This is a straight forward dance tune,” Femi says. “When you look at what’s going on in Africa, Europe and America, it’s important to keep the dream of unity alive.”

“Africa Will Be Great Again” has a profoundly African melody and a hint of the Caribbean in its syncopated arrangement. Multi-layered percussion, Femi’s soulful organ and the jubilant horns urge us to rise above corruption and dance into a new dawn. “The energy of the horns takes the music to a different level for me. I like short powerful phrases that will propel you to the dance floor.”

Other standouts include the Afrofunk of “Best To Live on the Good Side,” “Evil People,” with its hint of samba, and the secular gospel of “The Way Our Lives Go (Rise and Shine),” a gentle R&B ballad with a jubilant chorus answering Femi’s quiet prayer for peace. Femi’s sax toys with the melody to augment the swing of “Na Their Way Be That.” Then he dances around Opeyemi’s Congolese guitar work and the layers of Latin percussion, adding a buoyant feel to the track. “E Dey Their Body” rides a tidal wave of blazing horns, multi-layered percussion that hints at the second line strut of New Orleans, icy organ stabs and Femi pleading for a return to political sanity. “On this album, I kept to my roots and let the music flow through me, without diluting it. I didn’t think funk, or Afrobeat, or anything else. If you hear something in the melodies, it may be there, but as a composer, I surrendered to the higher forces that give me this gift to play music and let it flow out of me.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.00.09 AM



1. Africa Will Be Great Again
2. Best To Live on the Good Side
3. One People One World
4. Na Their Way Be That
5. How Many
6. Evil People
7. Equal Opportunity
8. E Get As E Be
9. Corruption Na Stealing
10. Dem Don Come Again
11. Dem Militarize Democracy
12. The Way Our Lives Go (Rise and Shine)



LyricFind launches LyricMerch: put your favorite lyrics on just about anything


There are those lines in songs that say it all, simply and perfectly. Now you can emblazon these lines on high-quality t-shirts, caps, mugs, and even shower curtains–and do it legally, giving back to your favorite songwriters and artists.

LyricMerch is a new consumer-facing lyrics service from LyricFind, the pioneering company that brought fully legal lyrics to search engines, lyric sites, and music streaming services around the world. LyricMerch draws on LyricFind’s database of millions of lyrics and allows fans to put over one hundred thousand licensed lyrics on a wide range of clothing and household items.

Just select the lines you’d like, format them as desired from an easy-to-use design interface, and the service will custom print your creation. Meanwhile, rightsholders get royalty payments for the use of their work.

“We see this as a win-win for songwriters and artists, and for fans who love their lyrics,” says Darryl Ballantyne, CEO of LyricFind. “LyricMerch also expands the income possibilities for lyrics rightsholders, helping them make the most of an asset that is growing in significance in the digital era.”

LyricMerch also offers a selection of pre-made designs from LyricMerch’s in-house design team, and will create original designs for artists or labels when they need unique merch for an upcoming release or tour. LyricFind will also partner with design-conscious artists and their teams, as well as social media influencers, to craft just the right product that reflects their vision and sound. At launch, LyricMerch is only available to users in Canada and the United States.

This is the first consumer-facing offering from the pioneers of lyric licensing. Founded over a decade ago, LyricFind has made it its mission to bring lyrics out of the shadows and into fully legal usage, turning what was once an industry loss leader into a true asset. Lyrics dominate music-related searches, direct fans to their favorite tracks, and promise to dominate voice command.
With LyricMerch, lyrics are poised to impact the world of style, as well. “Now that lyrics have been associated once again with recordings, it’s time for them to expand further,” says Catherine Fournier, LyricFind’s Marketing Manager “The most memorable part of many songs is now a new fashion statement.




LyricMerch sample pic

OUT NOW: Amp Fiddler – Amp Dog Nights (Mahogani Music)


Amp Fiddler - aka the Detroit musician Joe Fiddler who played with two of the greatest RnB groups ever created (namely Enchantment and Parliament/Funkadelic), taught J Dilla how to use the MPC60, and wrote and recorded music with the likes of Prince and Seal – has released his 4th studio album on fellow Detroit native Moodymann’s Mahogani Music. Amp Dog Knights is a suite of 13 tracks A&Red and co-curated with the house & techno luminary, and features unreleased Dilla beats, vocals from Moodyman and a bevy of other Detroit legends.

Full Album available via Amoeba Music

Listen to “Return Of The Ghetto Fly” (feat. J Dilla, T3 & Neco Redd)

TECH: Three Devices That Music Lovers Must Have

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.25.48 AM

Technology has drastically altered the way we consume all kinds of media. Music is certainly no different. Long gone are the days of records and mix tapes. Today, music lovers have an incredible amount of ways to enjoy music. From genres to artists to streaming services, there tons of different ways to choose the music you want to listen to and when you want to listen to it. Similarly, there a vast amount of tech devices that music enthusiasts can incorporate into their listening routine to enhance the experience.

Here are the three must haves for music lovers who want to enhance their listening experience:

Beats by Dre

The Beats by Dre brand is diverse in its offering and functional across the line of products to an insane degree. There’s a type of headphone for anyone in the Beats brand. The wireless over the ear and & on the ear headphones that popularized the brand have been redesigned and are offered in an array of colors like Break Blue. If the larger Beats don’t quite cut it for your active lifestyle, Beats by Dre offers the Powerbeats3 and BeastsX as a more subtle alternative. The Powerbeats3 are equipped with a 12-hour battery life, optimized for comfort and immersive sound, and have RemoteTalk capabilities for hands free control of your music. The BeatsX sports an impressive 8-hour battery life in an incredibly compact design with RemoteTalk capabilities and a Fast Fuel option that gives you 2 hours of playback in a 5-minute charge.

JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker is a great way to take your music with you wherever you go. This small but powerful wireless speaker is equipped with a carbine clip to secure the device to your clothes, backpack, bike, kayak and more. The JBL Clip Speaker is also completely waterproof and rated to provide 8 hours of playback time, so it can keep up with you on all of your adventures. Can’t get enough of this little device? Buy one for your friend so that you can connect the two devices and have twice the sound! The little JBL Clip Speaker is an innovative device that is perfect for music lovers who want to jam out no matter where they are!

Harmon Esquire 2

The Harmon Esquire 2 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for anyone who wants to share their sound with the world around them. It is made out of premium materials to offer premium sound. Astoundingly, the 7.5 inch by 5 inch speaker only weighs in at 21 ounces, but the rechargeable battery can provide 8 hours of portable power. The Esquire 2 offers a rich, high-end acoustic experience that is perfect for music enthusiasts and on-the- go professionals. Music is an essential part of the human experience,

Music is an essential part of the human experience, and to some, it is a way of life. These three items are the best way to stay connected whether you are out on the town, crushing a workout, folding laundry or pitching your next big idea to an investor. Stay connected to your sweet tunes no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

VIDEO: Gallant and Red Bull Sound Select Team Up for ‘Seoul Music: The Rise of Korean R&B’


The Short Documentary Features R&B Singers Gallant and Lee Hi 

Breakout artist Gallant has teamed with longtime partner Red Bull Sound Select to create SeoulMusic: The Rise of Korean R&B,’ a short doc chronicling his exploration of the country’s emerging KR&B scene with South Korean soul R&B singer Lee Hi. On the road to headline Jisan Valley Rock Festival, Gallant sits with rapper Tablo, DJ Soulscape and Korean artist Jinbo the SuperFreak to discuss South Korea’s musical history and influences. ‘Seoul Music’ culminates in Gallant’s performance of “Skipping Stones” with rising star Lee Hi during his headlining slot at Jisan Valley Rock Festival in South Korea, the last show of his Grammy-nominated Ology tour of love that I have for Seoul is never ending,” states Gallant.

“I was a fan of K-Pop back in high school and later on in college it kind of took over as the leading Eastern musical genre.Over time Korean artists started writing their own songs and creating their own movements, which was the thread that pulled me into learning more about the history and delving into exactly what this emerging KR&B scene was really like.”

Gallant links with rapper Tablo in ‘Seoul Music,’ a relationship born from their wildly popular collaboration on “Cave Me In” with Eric Nam earlier this year. With his performance at the MNET Awards last December, Gallant has seen his popularity on the continent explode over the past year, including a sold out headlining show in Seoul and his recent festival performance. 

YouTube Preview Image

More About Gallant:

Gallant arrived on the scene and was quickly labeled the “breakthrough artist of 2015″ with “the voice that will redefine R&B” by Billboard and NME respectively before even releasing his debut LP, the GRAMMY nominated Ology in 2016. With Ology came performances at the White House, a tour with John Legend, shows with Elton John and Seal, a “30 Under 30 of 2017″ from Forbes, and Billboard’s #1 moment of Coachella. Gallant released “Skipping Stones feat. Jhene Aiko”  (prod. by Adrian Younge, co-prod. by Stint) via Red Bull Sound Select in early 2016, with the track later being released on Gallant’s critically acclaimed debut LP.  The LA locals filmed the video for “Skipping Stones” with director duo American Millennial (Sia, M83, School of Seven Bells). While the video is shot from the viewpoint of one camera, it captures the unique experience and perspective of both of the song’s voices.

More About Lee Hi:

Lee Hi (born on September 23, 1996), is a well-known South Korean singer. She first appeared on national television as a contestant for a famous Korean competition program called KPOP Star Season 1. She received second place, and soon after debuted on November 4th, 2012 as a solo artist. As a musician, Lee Hi is widely acclaimed for being able to express her genuine and innermost emotions through her unique voice. Since her debut, she released several albums and received the Golden Disc Award Song Division in 2017 and the Golden Disc Award for New Rising Star Award in Digital Music in 2013.

About Red Bull Sound Select:

Red Bull Sound Select is an accelerator for music artists. We support them by collaborating on ambitious projects and ideas; using the strength of our global network together witha collective of artists, creatives and events to accelerate their growth. The network consists of 20 city residencies, 200+ events each year, 250+ artists, 50 partners and a growing list of our own festivals like 30 Days and 3 Days.

Photo credit: Minkyu Rha / Red Bull Content Pool


New Release: R&B/Soul Recording Artist Russell Taylor’s 4th Studio Album: “TIN MAN: THE BLUE”

R&B/Soul Crooner 
RUSSELL TAYLOR studio project, his 4th, “Tin Man: The Blue” 

A collection of songs that are introspective and moody; like if we could hear the color Blue speak for itself over music. Tin Man is a reference to the movie The Wiz, wherein the Tin Man was on a quest to find his heart.  The Tin Man wanted to feel.   

As a Black man living in the current state of the world, to feel is to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable can be dangerous.  Tin Man is a way of expressing my vulnerability via song,” mentions Russell.


In anticipation to the 60th annual 2018 Grammy Awards, Russell Taylor has been considered to be nominated in the following (6) categories;  Record Of The Year (Come Home), Song Of The Year (Superman featuring Lalah Hathaway), Best Pop Solo Performance (Dance With SomebodyCome Home), Best Traditional R&B Performance (Superman featuring Lalah Hathaway), Best R&B Song (Thrill),  Best Urban Contemporary Album (Tin Man:The Blue)

Russell says, “I live a life of gratitude. I am grateful for this God-given ability and that I have been so well-received for so long. I am grateful for all that we have achieved with War of Hearts and to all of the people – my team, my friends, my followers – who continue to support me on this journey. And it is a journey. It’s a marathon not a sprint!”

Twitter - @RsoulStar

Instagram - @RSoulStar