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Free Album Download: MALKOVICH, GREAT EXPECTATIONS [Mixtapes]


[Genoa Imports]

Download free for a limited time:

Irangeles (Iran/Los Angeles) lyricist Malkovich presents his new album Great Expectations, written and recorded in New York City, New Orleans, Atlanta and Los Angeles after giving up his home and possessions to travel indefinitely. Expectations is the followup to his Ayatollah Presley mixtape hosted by deejay/producer House Shoes (watch the video to the Dibia$e-produced “WTF”), and videos to two Expectations tracks - “What I Know” (watch) and “Palms” (watch) have already been released.  Guest emcees include Omni (whose recent album was produced by trip-hop pioneer Tricky), Gotham Green and Sum. Ten producers contribute Expectations‘ 14 tracks, among them Josh The Goon(Freddie Gibbs, Psycho Realm), Computer Jay (Shafiq Husayn, Jimetta Rose),Yamin Semali Bei Ruand Becoming Phill, a producer from Namibia, where Malkovich is currently wrapping up their collaboration album. Great Expectations is an album about the gap between our dreams and our lives,” says Malkovich. Great Expectations is available on his Bandcamp page as a free download for a limited time.
1. Storm Chaser [prod. Leggo]
2. Lies [prod. Evilldewer]
3. Great Expectations [prod. Josh The Goon]
4. What I Know f. Sum [prod. Becoming Phill]
5. Palms [prod. X-Man]
6. Cali [prod. Bei Ru]
7. Through The Trees f. Ali Abnormal, Blvme, Sum, Chris Clarke [prod. Computer Jay]
8. Cry America f. Omni [prod. Mike Beats]
9. The Meaning Of Eyes [prod. Yamin Semali]
10. Lions In Winter f. Core Rhythm, Sum [prod. Core Rhythm]
11. Get Away f. Gotham Green [prod. Leggo]
12. Bedbugs [prod. Becoming Phill]
13. Waiting For You f. Micah McKee [prod. Becoming Phill]
14. Sundays [prod. Evilldewer]

Malkovich was conceived on the Pacific Island of New Caledonia by his father and his mother, then a bartender at a pub popular with escaped Nazis. She was in labor when ayatollah Khomeini chased them from iran during the Islamic Eevolution. Malkovich was born extremely shortly thereafter in christopher columbus’ hometown of Genoa, Italy, where he had his diapers changed regularly by miss italy 1978. Ronald Reagan almost bombed his elementary school in Libya, killing Colonel Gaddafi’s “daughter” instead. He moved to Los Angeles during the 1992 riots, where he heard Ice Cube’s death certificate album, rode the Northridge earthquake, and formed BLX, a kind of pre-internet Odd Future with more Grand Larceny. He left NYC a week before the Twin Towers came down, London a week before the Tube Bombings, and Istanbul a week before kurds blew up the city square. He left jamaica two days before hurricane gustav, and slept on a church floor in louisiana and ate red cross gumbo for three days with 300 people after losing an important backpack in Hurricane Katrina. His father hates islands. He once fell asleep on a train and woke up in Spain. His best friend is a dirty cop in Belize City whose name came up during a Google search on amnesty international’s most wanted list. URB magazine gave his first album skeletons one and a half stars out of five. A kid from North Hollywood has lyrics from the same album tattooed on his chest.

Future Sounds of Buenos Aires: ZZK Records’ EL G Announces Winter Tour 2012/2013


Pioneering Argentinian label ZZK Records is still hot on the heels of its scene defining compilation ‘Future Sound Of Buenos Aires’ (FSOBA), released earlier this year.  The LA Times praised, “A wildly inventive collection of Argentine music that’s as funky and of-the-moment as any instrumental electronic dance music being made right now.”  Rural South-American-styles fuse with electronic futurism on this stunning snap shot of the burgeoning experimental electronic scene that has emerged in Buenos Aires over recent years.  Label head and American expat El G will be touring the US throughout December and January in support of the critically acclaimed release.  He will be DJing the latest releases from the label and beyond, walking the fine line between eclectic and accessible.

EL G is the DJ name of Grant C. Dull, label manager of ZZK Records, co-founder of Zizek Club and a 8-year adopted citizen & cultural ambassador of Buenos Aires.  DJ sets of El G are powerful showcases of ZZK music: past, present and future.  B-Sides, mashups, bootlegs, official and unofficial releases plus the newest music from the ZZK label is tested on audiences during his fiery, eclectic and intensely fun DJ sets.  El G has commandeered ZZK Records as a global movement, both behind the scenes and on the turntables at festivals like Coachella, Roskilde & Summer Stage in Central Park, NYC.  El G also founded &

El G’s finely curated compilation for ZZK, FSOBA is a collaboration featuring some of the most compelling artists emerging from Buenos Aires’ electronic underground including Mati Zundel, Fauna, Super Guachin and Chancha Via Circuito to name a few.  Learn more on the vibrant ZZK landing page:

For Future Sounds of Buenos Aires, Chancha Via Circuito, Mati Zundel, Frikstailers, Super Guachin, La Yegros, El Remolon, King Coya and more came together to write the collective work. The end result is a chronicle of the burgeoning experimental dance scene that has emerged in Buenos Aires in recent years. Pioneered by the visionary Latin American label ZZK, Buenos Aires’ music fuses classic rural South-American-style with electronic futurism, creating a style that’s wholly unique.

ZZK is the first label to push the sound of Argentina from the villa (ghettos) to the uptown”, says Diplo, “ZZK is a big part in bringing this to the attention of the people.”

Much like what Detroit was to techno and Kingston was to dub and reggae, Buenos Aires is quickly becoming the focal point for this Latin American cultural movement. Future Sounds of Buenos Aires is the defining work of the new movement.

What makes this album interesting is that all of the artists are influenced by the combination of rural, traditional cumbia and folkloric roots mixed with a contemporary street-inspired sounds. The results offer twelve different interpretations of the past blended with the future.

2012 has seen ZZK form new partners in line with their ethos.  With Waxploitation, best known for their work with Danger Mouse in Los Angeles and Kartel, best known for their work with Soundway in London, enhancing it’s reach beyond a DIY, independent operation.  Recent shows at Boiler Room ( and a 2013 full of debut albums from artists like La Yegros and Frikstailers make ZZK a label to watch.  Don’t miss this opportunity to catch one of the finest DJs pushing some of the most progressive sounds in Latin America today.  Catch him at a city near you!

FSOBA Tracklisting:

1. Frikstailers “Guacha”
2. Tremor “Malambo”
3. Mati Zundel “Señor Montecostez”
4. Daleduro “La Poli”
5. Fauna “Hongo x Hongo”
6. The Peronists “Mi Llegada Tu Llegada Nuestro Descanso”
7. Super Guachin “Se Pixelo el Vinito”
8. La Yegros “Viene de Mi”
9. Chancha Via Circuito “Prima”
10. El Remolon “Atras” (featuring Lido Pimienta)
11. El Trip Selector “Coombia del Piano Triste”
12. King Coya “Cumbiatron”


01/04/12 @ BPM Studios (BomBeat) – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY [LINK]
01/05/13 @ Fox Hollow (Bombon) – Houston, TX [LINK]
01/12/13 @ Elbo Room (Tormento Tropical) – San Francisco, CA [LINK]
01/16/13 @ Eastside Luv (Subsuelo) – Los Angeles, CA [LINK]
01/17/13 @ Zanzibar (Afro Funke’) – Santa Monica, CA [LINK]

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HOLIDAY MIX: DJ Brainchild “A Very Okayplayer Christmas”

Okayplayer is proud to present the fourth in the Okayplayer exclusive mixtape series:  A Very Okayplayer Christmas by DJ Brainchild. By this point in the holiday season, we’ve probably heard traditional carols like “Jingle Bells” enough that once more might send us into a violent rage. We’ve carefully avoided any such potential trigger moments on this mix thanks to a selection of songs that places modern originals from TLCKiller MikeBlack Milk & Melanie Rutherford, and Kanye West next to fresh takes on the classics by Cee Lo GreenI.N.T.Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, as well as an update of “The Night Before Christmas” from Aretha Franklin.

It might not be totally appropriate to have playing during Christmas dinner, but we guarantee it’ll be good for the drive over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s crib.


01. An Aqua Teen Introduction
02. Jimmy Smith “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (Oh No Remix)
03. Rotary Connection “If Peace Was All We Had”
04. Stevie Wonder / I.N.T. “One Little Christmas Tree” / “Christmas Trees”
05. Dana Dane “Dana Dane Is Coming To Town”
06. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra “O Come All Ye Faithful”
07. Isaac Hayes “The Mistletoe And Me”
08. Scoopy “A Scoopy Rap”
09. Aretha’s Phone Call Interlude
10. The Jackson 5 “Up On The Housetop”
11. Aretha’s Night Before Christmas Interlude
12. Timebomb “Each X-mas (Same Ol’ S**t)”
13. Mr. Lif “Santa’s Got A Muthaf**kin’ Uzi”
14. Killer Mike “A Christmas Grind”
15. The Supremes “My Favorite Things”
16. Kanye West “Christmas In Harlem”
17. Lou Rawls “Christmas Will Really Be Christmas”
18. Harvey Averne Band “Let’s Get It Together This Christmas”
19. Tha Dogg Pound “I Wish”
20. Ice Cube Commercial Break
21. James Brown / I.N.T. “Hey America” / “Christmas Time”
22. Funk Machine “Soul Santa”
23. The Emotions “Black Christmas”
24. The Treacherous Three “X-mas Rap”
25. Master P & C Murder “Christmas In Da Ghetto”
26. Clarence Carter “Back Door Santa”
27. A WonderFul Holiday interlude
28. Paul McCartney & Wings “Wonderful Christmastime”
29. Black Milk & Melanie Rutherford “Simply Having”
30. TLC “All I Want For Christmas”
31. Cee-Lo Green “This Christmas”




Event Review: Roc-A-Fella Reunion, NYC

Once upon a time there was a Dynasty. I’m not talking Blake Carrington but actually more like Ming. The legacy carved in the hip hop game by Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and Karriem Biggs can never be forgotten. However, with Jay off performing with Coldplay, Dame sitting in his art gallery and Biggs sitting in jail (hold ya head), it’s up to the young bloods to keep the name alive. For one night in NYC, Memphis Bleek; Freeway; and the Young Gunz did just that.

From the beginning, this night was all about the fans. Voice of the Roc “Pain In The Ass” set it off with his well known Robert De niro impressions to make it an official ROC affair. Young Guru who DJs for Jay-Z these days, and producer Just Blaze took turns on the decks keeping the party going. The Young Gunz hit on all cylinders with joints for the guys like Never Take Me Alive and No Better Love for the ladies. The energy was bouncing off the walls for their entire set. The Young Gunz benefit from amazing production on their tracks along with seasoned stage presence. The real star of this show however unofficially was Freeway. Free and his beard had the whole place shaking with joints like “When They Remember” and “What We Do.” The latter had to get a restart from Just Blaze because so many people lost their minds simply by uttering the first line.

Freeway seemed to have the most hits out the crew as well as the biggest belly, but this new weight didn’t keep him on the ground at all. Free was on 10 the entire night. Showing love to all the Rocafella fam, Free brought out Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) for a performance of the Kanye West song 2 Words and Beanie Sigel’s eldest son Shakur (who had all the mannerisms of a NON rapper) to join him for Roc Da Mic. Another insane moment of the night was Peedi Crakk coming out for Flipside and 1 for Peedi Crakk. Why this guy is not a superstar is anyone’s guess.

At this point the bar was set extremely high and who do we have to bring it home? None other than Brooklyn’s own Memphis Bleek. I would like to say Bleek killed it, (I would) but that would not be factual. His overly excited hype men and overall mellow song choices (Holla, Get Ya Mind Right) did not keep the movement moving. He did have his moments though. Songs like Got My Mind Right, Is That Yo Chick and Do My… got the diamonds in the air, but at that point the damage was already done. By the time he brought out surprise guest NORE to do his classics SuperThug and Nothing the crowd was feeling pretty lethargic.

Unfortunately this reunion did not end as strong as it started, but with some fine tuning it could be great, even without Jay leading the way. Maybe next time Bleek will remember the lyrics to It’s Alright and Beans will be home.

Words: Dashaun Simmons | @13Rose


Tortured Soul, DJ Muggs’ “Sound Boy Killa” EP, Zuzuka Poderosa – Nego Moçambique remix, DProsper: #Atom, Jazzy Sport presents “Radio Catalysts” on SHIBUYA FM, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson


FREE DOWNLOAD: Tortured Soul “Dirty” + Remixes

FREE DOWNLOAD: DJ Muggs’ “Sound Boy Killa” EP

FREE DOWNLOAD: Zuzuka Poderosa – Psicodelia (Nego Moçambique Remix)

MIX: DProsper Releases “#Atom 12.12.12.”

Ft. Jay Electronica, Flying Lotus, DJ Khalil

PODCAST:  Jazzy Sport presents “Radio Catalysts” on SHIBUYA FM

MIX: Dr Bob Jones on ‘The Surgery’

PODCAST: Stevie’s Soul Love 101 Chapter 41

FREE DOWNLOAD: Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson “Parkour”


Review of Robert Glasper show in NYC: Songs In the Key of Life

I had the opportunity to attend the Robert Glasper: Songs in the Key of Life concert at the Harlem Stage Gatehouse on Thursday December 13th, 2012 for the 10pm show.

Going into the show, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. At the sold out performance, The Robert Glasper Experiment along with special guests for the evening, Lalah Hathaway, Eric Roberson, Stokley, and Questlove on the drums paid homage to the music of Stevie Wonder.

As a huge Stevie Wonder fan, I was in awe of Rober Glasper’s interpretations of Stevie’ music from the pinnacle album “Songs in the Key of Life” originally released in 1976.  To my surprise, my favorite song “Rocket Love” from his 1980 “Hotter than July” album was performed with such soul and with an amazing saxophone solo by Casey Benjamin. Such soulful interpretations kept the crowd dancing in their seats the entire night, and when the evening ended, everyone was begging for the music to continue. It is my hope that Harlem Stage brings back the Robert Glasper Experiment for more shows in the future since it felt the evening just begun with the music ended!

Kevin Powell launches BK Nation: Building Knowledge


I am very excited to announce that I am a co-founder of a new national organization called BK Nation (the BK stands for “Building Knowledge”). We will work on major issues like education, jobs and small businesses, health and wellness, leadership training, community development, and more. We are asking YOU to be a part of this new movement, especially since BK Nation’s motto is “The leadership is us,” and this will truly be an organization for the people, all people.

Asking you to please go to PayPal, use the email address, and donate $5 now, as a contribution before the holiday season is over. We officially launch BK Nation in the Spring of 2013 but the work has already begun. And we need your help. Please note at this time donations are not tax-deductible, but will be by our launch. Thank you so very much.—KEVIN POWELL @kevin_powell

Murs announces the 2013 PAID DUES FESTIVAL | 10a PST Thursday 12/20

WHO: Murs 3:16 in association with Guerilla Union

WHAT: Murs (Living Legends) will be making a live announcement of the PAID DUES FESTIVAL 2013 date, venue, artists and ticket info on the official festival website at There will also be a Q&A forum where fans can join the conversation by tweeting their questions and comments to @Paid_Dues at for Murs to address live. Past performers include Wu-Tang Clan, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, Tha Dogg Pound, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, E-40, Atmosphere, Living Legends, Dilated Peoples, Hieroglyphics, and many more.

WHERE: Tune in live at Join the live conversation by tweeting questions and comments for Murs to

For more info, visit:

Stay connected:



In 2006, Murs 3:16 and Guerilla Union combined forces to present the first annual Paid Dues Independent Hip Hop Festival, selling out to over 5,000 concert goers at the Shrine Expo Center in Los Angeles, CA. Six years later, the festival is ever-more thriving and has tripled in attendance and in their roster of performing artists. Paid Dues Festival has progressed from a concert to a lifestyle event that highlights the powerful urban culture and the vibrant and flourishing independent Hip Hop scene.


About MURS:

Murs has established himself as one of the leading emcees of underground Hip Hop. After making his debut nearly a decade ago, Murs has released multiple acclaimed projects, both under his solo moniker as well as a member of influential groups Living Legends, 3 Melancholy Gypsies, and Felt. During his brief stint at Warner Bros Records, Murs stayed in tune with the independent scene. Hoping to share some of the mainstream spotlight and momentum with his indie Hip Hop family, Murs in conjunction with Guerilla Union, created the Paid Dues Festival – a platform specifically designed to celebrate and elevate independent Hip Hop music.


Established in 2000, Guerilla Union has developed into one of the premier core urban lifestyle brands in the U.S., manifesting itself in many forms including music, events, and media. Guerilla Union’s mission is to create experiential platforms, unique content and provide services that develop artists and their communities. Guerilla Union is a creative engineering corps dedicated to supporting artists and shaping urban culture.


Spasmodic Movements Radio Holiday Fusicology Mix


DJ Spinna- We Can Change This World (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Cajmere & Russoul Pesents Ari Lourdes- Love is You ( Original Mix)
Aaries- Don’t Give Up ( MCDL Remix)
Kai Alce- Floating
Paul Deep ft. Sheyi- Alafia ( Cueber Spirit Vocal)
Bhaku Jr.- Tokoyo Sky (Original Mix)
Gilles Peterson Havana Cultura Band- Orisa (Atjazz Vocal)
The Soulshapes- Mandala
Chymamusique ft. Kaylow- We Are To Be (Main Mix)
At One ft. Wyoma- African Healing Dance (Atjazz Remix)
Vick Lavender ft. R. J. Green- What You Would Do For Love
Glenn Undergroud- Funky Good Time
Teddy Pendegrass- You Can’t Hide (Re-Edit)
Timmy Regisford- Sometimes