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Spasmodic #99 3/4 Mix:

1. Alton Miller- Love Inside (Detroit Dub)
2. Kerri Chandler- Nigerian Nights
3. Ron Trent pres. Kings Dub- The Rhythm
4. Ron Trent- Afro Journey Beats
5. Monocles & Slezz- Jukebox (Main Mix)
6. H@K ft. Jassele- We Feel the Same (Original Mix)
7. Maminstrumental – Lost (Original Mix)
8. Deep House Soldiers ft. Adrienne Archer- Live it Up (Mathew Bandy’s Limestone Mix)
9. Monodeluxe ft. Jaidene Veda- Change (Vick Lavender’s Sophisticado Organ Mix)
10. Domscott ft. Ian Tula- Se Va a Liar (Original Mix)
11. Nature Soul- River Benue (Ibadan Dub)
12. Mateo & Matos- Congo Deep

FLYING LOTUS PRESENTS: LAYER 3 | A Red Bull Music Academy Film


Short Documentary Follows RBMA Alumni Flying Lotus

And Visual Artists Strangeloop & Timeboy

As They Concoct The Visuals For His Live Show “Layer 3”

Flying Lotus Presents: Layer 3 explores the technology and inspirations behind Flying Lotus’ highly praised new live show (see live quotes below). The six-minute short documentary—a Red Bull Music Academy Film—recently premiered on Wired and follows the Los Angeles based producer as he, along with visual artists Strangeloop and Timeboy, concocted the visuals for his live show entitled“Layer 3.” The show sees FlyLo aka Steven Ellison—a 2006 Red Bull Music Academy participant—making his music between transparent scrims set with interactive front and rear projectors.

The visual acid trip conjures the psychedelic Star Gate scenery of Kubrick’s seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey, mixing Hubble-like atmospheres with 3D pattern grids and light bursts appearing to sprout from Ellison’s body, rendering the live show a truly mind-blowing package.

View Flying Lotus Presents: Layer 3 here:

Flying Lotus is on tour supporting his recent album Until The Quiet Comes, which was recently released on Warp Record. Look for Flying Lotus to next bring his live show to the UR1 Music Festival in Miami, FL (Dec 8-9) and the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, GA (Dec 12).

For hundreds more videos head to

Recent Praise for The “Layer 3” Live Show

“pulsing, ethereal electronic visual effects” – Pitchfork

“The light show was spectacular–all slinky shapes and tentacular arms and chilling, arterial things that popped into the air” - SF Weekly

“the visuals were the perfect balance of the music” - Westword

“he did so with projection screens behind and in front of him, creating a low-tech but highly effective 3-D environment.” – The Stranger

“all manner of Tron-like halos, expanding and contracting orbs, starscapes and unidentifiable amorphous globs of color raced, shot and oozed their way across screens placed both in front of and behind Flying Lotus… a stunning 3-D effect that probably garnered as many ooos and aahs as Ellison himself.” – Time Out Chicago


The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling symposium of music and knowledge: a platform for those who make a difference in today’s cultural landscape, from music to digital art.

Two groups of 30 selected music makers from around the world—producers,  vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists and all-round musical mavericks—come together in a different city each year. For two weeks, participants will hear lectures by musical luminaries, work together in custom-built studios, and perform in the city’s best clubs and music halls. The next edition of the Academy—which will mark its 15 years anniversary—is set to take place in New York City from April 28 through May 31, 2013.

In addition to its yearly flagship event, the Red Bull Music Academy curates and hosts hundreds of signature concerts, workshops, unique club nights, jam sessions, pop-up studios, and exclusive broadcasts around the globe. For in-depth interviews, live recordings and more exclusive content with today’s essential music makers and yesterday’s pioneers, visit and tune in to

NEW RELEASE from ESTHERO: Everything is Expensive


Esthero is pleased to announce the release of her new LP,  Everything Is Expensive, released today, via both Universal Music Canada and through crowd funded efforts by Pledge Music. The album includes her infectious new single, “Never Gonna Let You Go” (written and produced by Esthero and Adam 12).

The Canadian singer is using crowd funding to tour and for promotion,and is offering fans lullabies, fine art, and even a chance to have their name tattooed on her rear end.  She told Spinner, “This is some prime real estate over here! This is nice. It’s 33, but it’s still sitting high. I have the ass, definitely, of at least someone in their mid-20s.”

Everything is Expensive is the follow-up to 2005′s, Wikked Lil Grrrls and is by far Esthero’s most intimate work to  date. “All of my records are personal – I don’t know how to do anything else,” she says. “But this one, after it was  mastered and I was able to take my producer hat off and listen to it as a finished piece, I was able to grasp what I had  just purged. My engineer called me listening from his car and said, ‘did we really just make this? I’m in the car listening  and crying. We realized it was disarmingly personal.”

Sonically, Everything Is Expensive is primarily unplugged, arriving at a time when electronic music has reached its saturation point. For an artist who perfected that very sound in the ’90s, the irony is not lost on her. As Esthero enters the next phase in her career – armed with yet another masterpiece – she continues to push the  envelope of what good music is supposed to sound like. Bold, heartfelt, and resilient, Esthero’s gone from a Wikked Lil Grrrl to a dynamic woman ready to prove that while everything is expensive, she’s paid that price…including tax.

The Canadian via Los Angeles is happy with the new sound that emerged when making the record. In an interview with LA Weekly, she muses, “It’s kind of an Americana record. I tried to create a little more space. There’s vocal stacks on stuff, but it’s more straightforward.” “Either I’m so far ahead or way far behind,” she says. “All I know is I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

Esthero has been away from the spotlight,but by no means has she been away from the game, collaborating with a number of high-profile artists spanning multiple genres as a co-writer, featured vocalist or both. These acts include:  The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, Timbaland, Cee Lo Green, Andre 3000, Sean Lennon, Mos Def, Nelly Furtado and  K’Naan. A highlight includes co-writing three tracks on the Platinum-selling Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak LP, including the chart-topping “Love Lockdown”.

For the latest news on Esthero, visit or follow her on Twitter at  @theRealEsthero.

Listen To & Download Album via Amazon

NEW RELEASE: MACY GRAY: TALKING BOOK – Stevie Wonder’s Classic Album Re-Imagined

Originally released by Motown Records on October 28, 1972, Talking Book saw Stevie Wonder enjoying more artistic freedom than ever before. As a multiple Grammy Award winner, the album contained 4 Top 10 singles including the # 1 smashes “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” and “Superstition”. Macy Graywas hugely influenced by the record and worked with Metallica producer Hal Wilner to re-imagine the release from start to finish.  The result is an album that showcases Macy’s signature vocal sound while paying homage to an artist beloved all over the world.





“This is my own personal birthday gift to Stevie Wonder, for all that I learned from him and for his miraculous songs that change my life every time I hear them.  This is not a tribute album or concert, it’s a love letter and a big thank you card on record and on stage”
YouTube Preview Image

Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Museum To Launch RFQ For Curator, Director, And GM While Prepping For Interns And Staffers

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum is making preparations to launch a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for senior management and staff positions for 2013. This will include Curator, Museum Director, and General Manager senior positions.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will also convene an Exhibit and Programming Committee of Hip Hop pioneers and heavyweights to begin the process of developing the permanent and interactive exhibits to include the writing, and storytelling for the programs. This will coincide with the Museum’s recent RFQ for Architects, Engineers, Exhibit Designers, and Building Contractors.

Hip Hop Global Media & Entertainment will assist in expanding the youth outreach program for internships, and volunteers to join the Hip Hop Hall of Fame’s official website and participate in bringing the Museum to life. They will be able to participate in forums, fundraisers, talent showcases, national & international tour events, and in Hip Hop Music & Culture content creation through their very own profile page on the site.

‘We are pleased that the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum project is moving forward and that it will have a major socio-economic impact on tourism, culture, education, live events & broadcasting, and job creation in New York City’, stated JT Thompson, the creator and executive producer of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV show that aired on BET Cable Network in the 90s.

Fans, Interns, and Volunteers are urged to Follow and Participate with us here or on Facebook & Twitter.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Cody ChesnuTT, “Landing On A Hundred”

FREE DOWNLOAD: Mims ft. Mic Handz, “Convertible Flow (Remix)”

FREE DOWNLOAD: Karriem Riggins, “Matador”

PODCAST: DJ Chicken George, “Live At Hush Nightclub”

PODCAST: DJ B.Hen, “Beats To Beat Breast Cancer”

PODCAST: Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle, “Retro Future”

PODCAST: Label Love, “Volume 5: The Jazz Edition”


Event Review: The Killer and The GZA

These days the rap landscape doesn’t look as bleak as some would have you to believe. Sure the mainstream doesn’t necessarily pump the illest artists all the time but that’s nothing new. In places like New York once the Mecca of all things hip hop, on the surface the scene can look shaky. However, sometimes the beauty of being in New York is you can catch a show featuring some of your favorite artists on a humble. On the same bill you can get the author of possibly the best album to come out in 2012 in Killer Mike along with the anchor MC from one of the GOAT rap groups the GZA/Genius.  A packed crowd in NYC’s Irving Plaza sprinkled with Wu-Tang shirts, were on deck for such an event.


From the moment Killer Mike took the stage he let the crowd know what they were in for. “Hard core G shit!” The electric frenzy of the beat on Big Beast from his latest album R.A.P. Music sent everyone within earshot bouncing off their neighbor. Killer Mike is the product of pure hard work and perseverance and it shows with his stage show.  He reminded the crowd that he was once “a weed carrier” and now he’s “a weed buyer”. This man who was once a protégé of one of the greatest groups in hip hop history Outkast refused to fall off. He spoke of listening to Wu-Tang as a kid and now, the blessing of sharing the stage with one of their members. As Mike moved his large heavy frame across the stage going through the various high point songs in his career like God In The Building, and the enormous Ric Flair he never lost his energy. The political heavyweight Reagan slays without a beat as Mike gets his supporters to focus on his dense lyrics. You can tell he means every word when he says, “I’m glad Reagan dead”.


The GZA surprises everyone when the curtains pull back and a band is revealed for his set. They open with one of the Incredible Bongo Band classic breaks to remind the audience of the GZA’s original era. As he steps on stage to perform his classic album Liquid Swords it’s hard to not stand in awe. Here is a man who was once signed to Marley Marl’s Cold Chilling Records in the 80s now performing for a packed crowd in 2012 with a live band backing him. Although there were a number of times where the GZA snapped at his band for missing cues or not flowing slow enough, it was great to hear those RZA produced masterpieces brought to life. The only clansman in attendance to support the GZA onstage was Masta Killa who slayed with his verses from Duel of the Iron Mic and Triumph. With an Ol’ Dirty Bastard t-shirt on GZA paid tribute to his fallen brother by performing Shimmy Shimmy Ya with some help from the crowd. Songs like GOLD and Killah Hills 10304 maintained their sinister sound even coming from live instruments.


Before leaving the stage the GZA reminded everyone that next year 2013 would be the Wu-Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary. We might see the entire Wu back together (sans ODB R.I.P) for another big tour. But even if they don’t come back together, with artists like Killer Mike standing up for hardcore hip hop everywhere it’s evident that Wu-Tang Clan and the music they stand for still aint nothing to F wit.

Words by Dashaun Simmons  @13Rose

Label Love Vol. 5: The Jazz Edition – Free Digital Compilation Out Now!


Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe – each track plucked and presented by Jazz heads from Tru Thoughts Recordings, Impossible Ark Records, Gondwana Records, Jazzman Records, Edition Records, Katalyst Entertainment, Revive Music Group, and Basho Records.

Label Love Volume 5: The Jazz Edition showcases a broad range of Jazz, with the goal of expanding minds to the magical genre and its many forms.

Each label and artist evokes its own signature giving this collection a diversified and interesting flow. Label Love consists of nostalgic jazz classics, unreleased gems, and exclusive selections.

Listen to & download Label Love Volume 5: The Jazz Edition here!

10/25 TECH NEWS: Watch Obama & Romney Spar Over Apple’s Chinese Labor, Time Is Running Out To Get Your Tickets To The Media Summit & more!


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