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7/26 TECH NEWS I 5 Apps To Replace Your Music Studio, the Wallet of the Future, Louis C.K. & more

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5 apps to replace your music studio, Vimeo adds music options, the future of TV blackouts, the wallet of the future, Louis C.K.’s Online Special Nabs 4 Emmy Nominations, most Americans distrust the internet, what social networks know about you, fan booted from concert for negative tweet, Obama gives thumbs-up to new cybersecurity bill & more!


Vimeo Adds Customizable Music Options And A New, Cloud-Based Enhancer Tool

DreamWorks Animation-Incubated Ptch Helps Users Make Beautiful, Shareable Videos

Enterproid’s “Divide” Mobile Platform Arrives On iOS To Keep Personal And Professional Profiles Separate

BandPage Unshackles From Facebook, Now Helps 500K Musicians Build Synced Sites and Widgets Too

Wearable Computer Pioneer, Dr. Steve Mann, Releases New Photo Supporting His Assault Claim Against McDonald’s

Viacom, DirecTV, And The Future Of TV Blackouts

5 Apps to Replace Your Music Studio

Texting Doesn’t Make Your Kids Dumb, Text Bands Do

What if Nelson Mandela Used Facebook to Fight Apartheid? [VIDEO]

After Viral Fame, Homeless Musician Asks Internet to Fund Album

This Money Management App Is the Wallet of the Future

98% of Americans Distrust the Internet [STUDY]

Here’s What Social Networks Know About You

Fan Booted From Concert for Negative Tweet [VIDEO]

Louis C.K.’s Online Special Nabs 4 Emmy Nominations

Clothes Horse Wants to Help You Find Clothes That Fit

Obama Gives Thumbs-Up to New Cybersecurity Bill

Kim Dotcom Compares Himself to MLK in New Song [VIDEO]


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