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7/18 – TECH NEWS | Twitter & Music Marketing, NYC pay-phones to wi-fi & more

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Twitter Makes Small Changes With Huge Ramifications For Music Marketing, Facebook gets unethical- again,  WikiLeaks wins battle against Visa & Mastercard, “Arrested Development” really prepares to start production for Netflix- really, NYC is turning pay-phones into wi-fi hotspots, see your first-ever tweets, the Viacom-DirecTV beef, poster art at Comic-Con, The Simpsons come to iPad, YouTube gives first look at violence in Syria, and behold the first-ever Instagram shot: yes, it involves an animal.


Twitter Makes Small Changes With Huge Ramifications For Music Marketing


Facebook’s Only Option To Boost Voter Turnout Is Completely Unethical


‘Arrested Development’ Prepares to Start Production for Netflix


NationBuilder Makes ‘Largest Deal Ever Struck in Political Technology’


WikiLeaks Wins Battle Against Visa, MasterCard


NYC Is Turning Payphones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots


Want To Know How Much More You Could Earn? Adzuna Launches Free ‘Market Insight’ Tool For Jobseekers


With More Original Programming On The Way, Netflix TV Viewing Is On The Rise


OldTweets Reveals Twitter Founders’ First Tweets, And Yours Too


How Authoritarianism Will Lead To The Rise Of The Data Smugglers


Obama and Romney Break Email’s Golden Rules


Viacom Fires Back at DirecTV With VH1 Style Pop-Up Video


The 10 Coolest Posters at San Diego Comic-Con 2012


How Credit Card Companies Lure Customers on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


The Simpsons Come to the iPad With New Comics App


Pee-wee Herman Joins Cast of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ [VIDEO]


Are You Afraid of Mobile Phone Separation? [INFOGRAPHIC]


YouTube Gives Firsthand Look at Violence in Syria


Apple Backs Down on Environmental Standard [UPDATED]


‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Before Meth and Albuquerque [VIDEOS]


Watch London Cops Pull the Plug on Springsteen and McCartney [VIDEO]


This Website Uses Social Media to Find Your Dream Job


FBI Anti-Piracy Seal Becomes More Readily Available [VIDEO]


Behold: The First Ever Instagram Shot


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