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11 Graffiti & Street Artists contribute to Ecko Unltd’s newest collection: The Exhibit

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11 Graffiti and Street Artists from around the world contribute to Ecko Unltd’s newest collection

Launching in Spring 2012, acclaimed brand, Ecko Unltd presents the 1st edition of The Exhibit series -
collaboration between 11 graffiti artists from around the world and Ecko Unlimited. A year in the making, this project represents the best of what can happen when art, commerce and Marc Ecko collide. The new series is available at Ecko stores nationwide, on Ecko.com, and at select retailers worldwide.

Ecko Graffiti T-shirt Pez Cope2 Askew
Conceptualized by Marc Ecko—whose own association with graffiti goes back to his roots as a young
artist and the foundation on which Ecko Unlimited was built— The Exhibit is an opportunity for each of the artists to express him or herself through a specific color on tshirts, fragrance, hats, backpacks, headphones, wallets — whatever inspires them. With the help of famed graffiti artist and outspoken
street art advocate, Alan Ket, Marc asked each artist to revisit Ecko Unlimited’s graffiti-inspired past. The result is a thoroughly modern collection of colorful products — from belts to skateboards—that showcases some of the most original graffiti art that’s being made today.

Ecko Graffiti T-shirt Pez Cope2 Askew

The Exhibit series features the art of 123Klan (France) known for mixing graffiti and graphic design with their signature character deisgns, multi-disciplinary artist Askew One (Auckland, New Zealand) renowned for his graffiti art paintings and a driving force in New Zealand’s graffiti scene, Bronx graffiti legend Cope2 (USA) with over 30 years of participation in the graffiti world, graffiti artist and graphic designer Erms (France), street-trained and Barcelona native Kenor (Spain) whose personal style of “color, life, parallel worlds, smiles and light” pushes him to create art for galleries as well as the streets, the infamous fish painter Pez (Spain) from Barcelona whose characters all have huge, infectious smiles, one of most skilled female graffiti artists in the country- Queen Andrea (USA), illustrator and muralist Siloutte (USA) recognized world wide for her portraits, Hiroshima based Suiko (Japan) whose name means “don’t stick to common sense and live how you like”, Berlin-based SuperBlast (Germany) aka Manuel Osterholt known for his unique iconic style and innovative use of color, and the notorious Utah (USA) a female dynamo and one of the most prolific graffiti writers in the world.

Ecko Graffiti T-shirt Pez Cope2 Askew

About Ecko Unlimited:

Ecko Unltd. has been the leading face of global youth culture since 1993. Rhinos roam the world on the backs of *ecko unltd.’s forward-thinking consumers, and its diverse brands are omnipresent in visual representations of next-generation culture: from music videos and television programs to catwalks, action sports, and video games. The “World Famous Rhino Brand” has expanded to include t-shirts, denim jeans, hoodies, footwear, watches, hats, bags, and more.

Ecko Unltd has long been the go to brand in all things graffiti so it only makes sense that they would make such a daring initiative come to life. Visit the official site of The Exhibit check out the artists’ artwork, bios, videos, graffiti t-shirts and other customized graffiti clothing. Then shop the actual pieces at http://www.ecko.com

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