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Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin | Thousands Gather [Photos]

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It’s not just a march, it’s a MOVEMENT!

words/photos by: Shareef

March 26, 2012- 30 Days after the murder of Treyvon Martin, the people of Los Angeles have finally held an organized march and rally, not only in Trayvon’s memory but for social political injustice.


The event started with a small attendance but gained a steady momentum as speakers from local to national organizations as well as actors and activists like Bishop Noel Jones, Najee Ali and Royale Watkins, participated for the evening.


Two hours into the rally, Pershing Square was filled with supporters and media lined up from the sidewalk on Hill Street, in perfect timing for spectators passing by at rush hour.

Initially, I wondered about the outsiders’ perspective as well as that of the media-if the media and police were  expecting thousands of people wearing hoodies to turn the rally into a spectacle or if they only considered the racial aspect of the protest and not the blatant nature of the crime.

(Channel 7 newscaster in his suit looking uncomfortable in the crowd)

The intensity of the crowd was easy to differentiate from the mainstream media covering the event, who stood aside cautious and fully aware of the climate of emotion. The outcries for justice were hard to ignore but the tension was neither menacing nor dangerous.


The few black nationalist groups holding court, such as the New Black Panthers and Nation Of Islam, might have seemed intimidating or too political for some, but politics aside, anyone could get a sense of family orientation with mothers, fathers and families by the hundreds in full support of the cause.


One couldn’t help but be impressed at the unity and urgency for human rights as each speaker and voice adamantly conveyed a common message: this protest was for equality for all people of color. This wasn’t a black thing, but a human thing.

The rally progressed with nearly a thousand or so supporters organizing into a march down Hill St and zig- zagged through Downtown with each street shut off by police. The sea of signs and voices calling for justice for Trayvon Martin made a massive impression which alone is a success. The image and message was clear. This was a peaceful protest with an objective that stayed on track without missing a beat.



Major civil rights organizations, community and religious leaders, professional athletes, entertainers, community organizations and more join call to action TODAY, Monday, Mar. 26. Gather at Pershing Square, on the Corner of 5th & Hill. This march is endorsed by Initiated by: NAACP, California; SCLC, LA Chapter; Al Sharpton, National Action Network; Zsanaé Davis, Justice For Trayvon – LA; ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism); Rodney Perry, Comedian/Actor; Royale Watkins, Producer/TV Writer/Comedian/Actor; Randy Hughes, President/Founder, Friends and Neighbors Community Club; Najee Ali, Project of Islamic Hope; Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge; Bishop Craig A. Worsham, The Trinity Family of Churches; Pastor Michael B. Kelly II, Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church; Cocoa Brown, Comedian/Actor; Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition; Vamos Unidos USA; KIWA (Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance); AF3IRM; Michael Skolnik, co-President, GlobalGrind.com; KmB Pro-People Youth.   Endorsed by: Bryon Russell, retired Los Angeles Lakers & Utah Jazz player; Bishop Derrick Hunter, Greater Church of Deliverance; Bishop John Smith, Alpha & Omega Apostolic Church; Minister Danielle Williams; Pastor Daphanie Thomas, Crown of Glory Church; Dr. Cecilia Johnson; Pastor Malcom Smith, St Paul Baptist Church of Northridge; Bill Duke, Actor/Producer/Director; Kimberli Russell, Actor/Co-Host of WOVA Lounge; Juli Richmond, Actor/Co-Host of WOVA Lounge; Communities United for Justice; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Campaign to Stop Police Violence; March Forward; Martin Luther King Coalition for Jobs, Justice and Peace; Nida’s Ridas; and more.ustice for Trayvon Martin! Arrest George Zimmerman!
Stand against racism! Defend Black youth!
Repeal the “Stand Your Ground” law!
Help Fight for Justice for Trayvon! -Volunteer to help build this march by clicking here or call 213-251-1025 -Sign the petition at Change.org -Take a photo of yourself wearing a hoodie and post with #MillionHoodiesLA hashtag
-”Like” the Justice for Trayvon Facebook page by clicking here
Major civil rights organizations, community and religious leaders, professional athletes, entertainers, community organizations A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalitionhttp://www.AnswerLA.org AnswerLA@AnswerLA.org 213-251-1025 137 N. Virgil Avenue, #201 Los Angeles, CA 90004 Get involved in ANSWER’s work today!

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