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New Years Eve – Jack Splash – 2010 IS NOT OVER UNTIL HE SAYS SO



Platinum Producer, Singer, Songwriter Jack Splash Releases Ode To “2010”

Jack Splash

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 30, 2010) After receiving massive amounts of critical acclaim for his works accompanied by the most influential artists of the decade including Alicia Keys, CeeLo Green, T-Pain, Missy, R. Kelly in addition to his mixtape series “Heir to The Throne” & “King of the Beats” Jack Splash decided to take the bulk of 2010 focusing on his upcoming producer album “FUTURE OF THE FUNK”. Splash, musically kisses the year of 2010 goodbye with his trademark sound on “2010” featuring soulster, Martin Luther.

Destined to be a New Years Eve dance floor classic “2010” is a testament to Splash’s faithful dedication to the funk and his first single from the forthcoming album. “I wrote this song “2010” not just to celebrate the historical year and decade that we’ve had, but to open up eyes and ears to the infinite possibilities that inspire positivity delivered through both art and music, proven elements that change the world. Jimi Hendrix did it with his song called “1983” Prince did it with his song called “1999”, my contribution is “2010” with the soul purpose of spreading a little love and hope for the new decade…In the worst case scenario, we’ll make a few asses shake,” smiles Splash.
Originally scheduled to be the third installation of his mixtape series, Jack Splash decided that this “FUTURE OF THE FUNK” project was to close to his heart to be considered a mixtape. The album is a collision of the best elements influenced by original funksters Sly Stone, James Brown, Prince and George Clinton mixed and mastered into Splash’s signature futuristic electro space funk. Set to release second quarter next year, fans will be pleased to know the melodious sounds of Jennifer Hudson, Raheem Devaughn, Estelle, CeeLo Green, Goapelle, Anthony Hamilton, Plantlife, Lemar, B.O.B. will all be featured on the anticipated album. DJ’s, iPods, dance floors will end the year with a music bang entitled “2010.”

Jack Splash Video

Jack Splash f/Martin Luther “2010″ | Download Video | Download Song

Official Website




EVENT REVIEW// Dita Von Teese – The Roxy, LA 12.13.10


words/photos: ani yapundzhyan

It’s an interesting phenomenon the way all types of women love Dita Von Teese.

No matter where their interests may lay, or what culture they chose to belong to, women love Dita.

The reason becomes obvious once you follow the “Boss of Burlesque” for a few days on twitter, or read a single interview.

She is glamorous, fashionable, sexy, of course.

Dita Von Teese is also incredibly intelligent, witty, and down-to earth.

Most of all, she is a classy broad.


An easier way to explain it would be that she comes off as the opposite of the JLo, nose-in-the-air, holier-than-thou persona.

Women want to like her.

She is gorgeous and sexy, with a super-thin waist, incredibly toned, maybe 95 pounds tops, yet women are not threatened by her, because of her attitude.

Dita drives around in classic cars that match her given outfit, but doesn’t take them or herself too seriously:

“Broken down vintage Jaguar,” she recently tweeted,  “Good thing I brought my CSI script with me…Happily studying on the side of the road!”

In another tweet a few weeks ago, Dita wrote: “I wish David Lynch would direct another TV series! He chooses the most interesting actors & is the only one who can do brilliant weirdness!”

Seems like a far cry from the self-absorbed actresses, “singers” and reality trash of today.

The biggest proof of Dita Von Teese’s awesomeness lays in the diverse makeup of her Burlesque Shows.

I was standing in the very front as the curtain opened and she sauntered over my way on Tuesday, Dec 13th for one of her six shows at the Roxy on Sunset.

Clad in a glittery pink dress, Dita waved her huge pink tail of feathers my way and I caught a whiff of its perfume.

I knew she would smell good.


And as jazz-infused big band music played, Dita strutted down the stage in her diamond-studded dress, with the music getting slower and more sensual as her clothes came off. The “sophisticated striptease,” as they call it, finished off with Dita on a carousel horse wearing fishnets and tassels.

This was the first of three bits she would perform that evening. The rest of the show saw, as I said before, the most diverse group of dancers I’ve seen in burlesque, from all over the world.

Following Dita was LA’s Selena Luna, a gorgeous 3-foot burlesque star, who opened her act by sitting in a chair in a silk robe as a woman dressed as a giant marijuana plant passed her a joint the size of a baseball bat.

As Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” played on and smoke filled the room, Selena Luna hit the joint a couple of times and unrobed herself to reveal bright green lingerie

underneath, complete with weed-plant wings. As she stripped down to her tassels, she held a sign over her head reading “Legalize.”

I didn’t know whether I was tripping on mushrooms or having a wild dream.

A dancer from Russia as well as a “Boylesque” star followed with not-so-memorable sets, but world-famous tassel twirler, New York’s Lady Martini, made up for those two.

Dirty Martini stepped on stage and all you could see of her were her legs, because she was surrounded by balloons, all attached to her dress.

She slowly lit a cigarette and proceeded to pop the balloons one by one until there was nothing left but her round, voluptuous body in lingerie. She didn’t finish her show until she finished her cigarette.

While all the girls moved and sauntered and stripped in very sensual overtones, nobody danced quite like New Orleans’ Perle Noire, aka “The Black Pearl”.

This woman had moves. She was doing cartwheels, the splits (slow and sexy, of course), and she even threw on a banana skirt in a tribute to Josephine Baker.

She had New Orleans written all over here.


Dita’s second bit landed her in a (glittery) bathtub, where, to the audience’s utter surprise and joy, she actually turned on the hose and began to spray her body with water.

Hot water. Rising steam.

Here was a woman clad in nothing more than a pair of panties and tassels, twirling around every which way in a bathtub, spraying her near-naked body with water, all the while making it seem nothing short of tasteful and classy.

Most women could not pull that off. Imagine Britney Spears in that scenario.

And this is my point: It comes from within.

Dita is a classy woman, and she puts on a classy show.

Her third and final bit was “Rhinestone Cowgirl.” As big-band “swanky” versions of 50′s country songs played on, Dita rode a gorgeously designed suede pink mechanical bull with six-foot long Swarovski-covered steer horns.

The heavier the music got, the harder Dita rode that bull. Sometimes she’d just lay on it, sometimes, she’d be sitting up, sometimes she’d be upside down. Mostly, she was grinding.

And it looked like so much fun.


The whole ambiance made me want to see the show in an intimate, smoke-filled bar in London, which one day I probably will.

Because the thing is, after seeing a show as extraordinary and inspiring as Dita’s, I am going to jump at every chance I get to see more.

So are all those other women.


RIP: Teena Marie: 5 Teena’s on My Mind

Post + Stream/Download by Carlos Mena | Casamena


Rhettmatic Christmas Day KDay Mix, Sa-Ra presents: Mistletoe-Makeout, DJ Jamad presents “Mistle Tones”, Jazzface, Palenke SoulTribe, Phyzikal Radio + The Vibe Conductor 2010 Hot List


Carlitta Durand, Asher Roth and Nottz, Aaron Camper + Saturn Never Sleeps Sampler

MIX: Rhettmatic Christmas Day KDay Mix

MIX: Sa-Ra presents: Mistletoe-Makeout

MIX: DJ Jamad presents Mistle Tones (Mixed Version)

MIX: Jazzface presents Deep End: Deep house, techy beats and soulful electronica.

MIX: Phyzikal Radio presents: The top hits of December 2010 by DJ Phyz.Ed

MIX: The Vibe Conductor 2010 Hot List

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12/27 – Music Monday R.I.P. Teena Marie, Fusicology’s Best Of 2010 + more…

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We are sad to announce the passing of a R&B Music Great, Teena Marie at the young age of 54. According to CNN, Teena had a major seizure a month ago but no further details of her has been released at this time.

In celebration of her life, we wanted to share her music library and a few interesting takes on her life and how it effected the music community hearing of her untimely death.

Carlos Mena


Stevie’s Soul

Couch Sessions


Wild & Peaceful

Lady T

Irons In The Fire

It Must Be Magic



Emerald City

Naked To The World


Passion Play

La Dona


Congo Square


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Ghost Face

  Ghost Face

  Brand Nubian

  Bilal – Airtight’s Revenge

Alicia Keys – The Element of Freedom

Aloe Blacc – Good Thing

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Fusicology Top Releases of 2010

Fusicology Intro | Dela – Tribute
Bilal – All Mater – 5:20
Zo! – Greatest Weapon of All Time f/Sy Smith – 5:16
Jose James – Warrior – 5:55
Nicolay – Satellite
Peven Everett – Inspiration – 7:01
Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler – When The Morning Comes (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Mix) 7:30
Black Coffee f/Bucie – Superman – 7:14
Blue Six – C’mon – 4:19
Return of the Carribean Cowboy – Nicky Lars
Dam – Funk – Hood Pass Intact – 5:01
Nas & Damian Jr. Gong Marley – Patience – 5:45
Kanye West – Runaway – 5:15
Black Milk – Deadly Meadly f/Royce Da 5’9 & Elzhi 3:43
Dela – Can It B So Simple
Jamiroquai – White Knuckle Ride – 3:35
Erykah Badu – Window Seat 4:50
Janelle Monae – Cold War 3:24
Yahzarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More 4:16
The Foreign Exchange – All Roads – 3:47
Fusicology Outro | Ta-ku – Where Are You (Tribute: Dilla)

Special thanks to the following for providing dope instrumentals:

Nicolay – Satellite from City Lights Vol. 2
Dela – Tribute | Can It B So Simple
Nicky Lars – Return of the Caribbean Cowboy
Ta-ku – Where Are You (Tribute: Dilla)



Trackademicks ft. Phonte, Georgia Anne Muldrow, David Lynch, Eli Escobar, Planet Asia produced by Madlib, Plastikman, The Streets + Arthur’s Landing “Love Dancing” & more


Plug Research presents: Label Love Volume 2: Tru Thoughts, Ubiquity & More + The Supreme Dynamite Mixtape

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Fool On The Hill” ft. Phonte

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FREE DOWNLOAD: “Is It All Over My Face?Arthur’s Landing enlist Hercules & Love Affair’s Nomi for “Love Dancing”

FREE DOWNLOAD: David Lynch, “Good Day Today(Boys Noize Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Eli Escobar, “Love Thing Part 2(DJ Mehdi Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Planet Asia, “Boiler Makers(produced by Madlib)

FREE DOWNLOAD: High Life ft. Nation, “Street Justice

FREE DOWNLOAD: Plastikman, “Krakpot(Moby Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Streets,Going Through Hell(Dot Rotten Remix)

FREE ALBUM: Plug Research presentsLabel Love Volume 2: Tru Thoughts, Ubiquity & More”

DJ MIX: Supreme Dynamite Mixtape

12/20 – Music Monday Mix Sensei, Brand Nubian, Ghostface Killah, Schpilkas + more…

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3 x Grammy winner Dave Isaac along with a multitude of Award (Grammy, Oscar, ASCAP) winning artists, producers and engineers, such as Patirce Rushen, Clarence McDonald, Marcus Miller, Percy Bady, Morris Hayes, Dean “Sir” Gant, Barry Rudolph, Ross Hogarth, Darius “Deezle” Harisson and many others… hosts a series of online tutorials available to you for download. These tutorials are a collaboration of ideas from the experts on music production and audio engineering.

Our first tutorial “Mixing Marcus Miller” is now available!

“Learn the art of music production and audio engineering from the experts, the creators of today’s classics!”


In “Mixing Marcus Miller”, join Dave as he takes you behind-the-scenes of the Multi-Grammy winning artist Marcus Miller’s “Silver Rain” CD. Dave will share insights, and visions of how he built the mix in Logic for “Behind the Smile” and “Moonlight Sonata”!

Now available for Download

“It’s called Harmony for a reason!”
- Darius “Deezle” Harrison


Dave Isaac continues to guide you in music production and audio engineer with these hands-on tutorials, covering basic and advanced definitions and concepts of dynamics to use in your music! These tutorials are for beginners and experienced professionals, for anyone wanting to learn from the experts within the industry.

Ghost Face

Ghost Face

Brand Nubian


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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Bilal – Airtight’s Revenge

Alicia Keys – The Element of Freedom

Aloe Blacc – Good Thing

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Georgia Anne Muldrow, Illa J, Evidence vs. The Beatles,  Asher Roth & Nottz, DJ Nimbus, DJ Nessdigita presents Harlem Soul Holidays Mix 2010, DJ Premier feat. KRS-One & Grand Puba, Matthew Dear + Mr. Brady feat. Diamond D & Blu

FREE DOWNLOAD: Georgia Anne Muldrow, “fOnkRocker”

FREE DOWNLOAD: c/o Fat Beats Distribution, Illa J, plans on dropping a new EP entitled 4 Past Midnite. Here is the Young RJ produced lead single, “Affair” –> Download: dirty | clean

FREE DOWNLOAD: Evidence vs. The Beatles: I Don’t Need Love EP

FREE DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth & Nottz, “Break Bread”

DJ MIX/PODCAST: DJ Nimbus, “Club NIMBUS: The Dark Room Experiment”

DJ MIX: Dj Nessdigital presents his Harlem Soul Holidays Mix 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Drums Me And The Moon (Matthew Dear Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD: DJ Premier 5% feat. KRS-One & Grand Puba

FREE DOWNLOAD: Mr. Brady – “Get Choze” Feat. Diamond D and Blu

Fusicology Radio presents Spasmodic Movements #24

DJ Doc goes at it solo with this week’s featured podcast!


1. Daz I Kue- Fairplay Rmx
2. The Floacist ft. Lalah Hathaway- Come Over
3. Quandron- Baby Be Mine (Michael Jackson Cover)
4. Kanye West ft John Legend- Blame Game
5.Peven Everett- Inspiration (Timmy Regisford and Adam Rios Mix)
6. Murs- The Problem Is (ft. 9th Wonder Slick Jackson Uncle Chucc)
7. Joel Ortiz- Sing Like Bilal
8. Dj Spinna- Could It Be To Soon (ft. Lizz Fields)
9. The Beast and Nnena Freelon- Get Outta Town (ft. Phonte)
10. Ursula Rucker- Libations
11. Vikter Duplaix- Lust for Life
12. Black Coffee- We Are One

@iamwuMRPRES – “NO SIGNS, JUST TWEETS” MARCH! 1/2/11 in support of President Obama

Stop the Republican Party from attempting to bully President Obama. Come out and join @iamwuMRPRES in a Mass Twitter/Viral March in support of President Obama.

We’re Here; Let’s March! Let’s Go!

On January 2, 2011, the day before the Republican Party takes control of the House of Representatives, “@iamwuMRPRES” will give the emboldened Republican Party a welcoming surprise they’ll never forget; a “Mass Twitter/Viral March” dubbed “No Signs, Just Tweets!”, Mikal Kamil and Jimmy Jean-Louis envisioned “@iamwuMRPRES” Mass Twitter Campaign as a global call to action intended to inspire the masses to show their unrelenting support and belief in President Obama’s vision and to help him build a twitter army for the 2012 Election.
The Marathon Begins!

When John Boehner becomes Speaker of the House he will send a clear message that the Republican Party are in charge and have more power than President Obama!  The compromise over extending the Bush Tax Cuts is just one example of what can happen if Americans allow the Republican Party to continue to obstruct, persecute and attempt to bully our great President.
What is a Twitter/Viral March?

  1. A Twitter/Viral March is cutting edge, disruptive and revolutionary in nature.
  2. A Twitter/Viral March is when participants and supporters – during a first Amendment demonstration, express themselves by tweeting instead of carrying signs or shouting.
  3. Unlike signs and shouts, these tweets can spread universally and reemerge constantly in the viral world.

Assembling at the “No Bully Zone” on January 2, 2011.

•     Beginning at 2:00 PM, President Obama’s Twitter Army will assemble at the     “No Bully Zone” on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood CA.
•     At 3:00 PM, Obama’s Twitter army will walk without signs in a mass march       formation led by legendary drummer Sheila E and a massive Drum Corps.
The Twitter/Viral March will begin at Sunset and Vine, ending in front of the     CNN building on Sunset and Cahuenga.

•     Sheila E will lead the W/U MR. PRES “Twitter Countdown”.
After 10-9-8-7-6-5-4- 3-2-1, Obama’s Twitter Army will shout “ W/U     MR. PRES!” and tweet #iamwumrpres to

The objective of the “No Signs, Just Tweets” March is to:

  • Pressure the Republican Party to stop harassing the President and be more cooperative, allowing the President the opportunity to govern.
  • Encourage the President to stay the course and not back down.
  • Remind the Republican Party that the House is still the people’s house.
  • Show that the President has a twitter army that supports him and is ready to stand by him.

Obama’s Twitter Army will not scream or carry signs in order to be heard or seen; we will just tweet #iamwuMRPRES.

follow us:
tweet in support:


Media Contact:
Bernadette Holder
iamwuMRPRES Communications
(424) 250-0692