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Fusicology Radio Presents The Return of the Soul Fiesta w/DJ Jay Raggs

on September 29, 2010with 0 comments

This week Fusicology returns DJ Jay Raggs and the Soul Fiesta Deep House podcast.

Who is Jay Raggs? Jay Rags is a dj, poet, and promoter from the Baltimore/DC area. He is the co-creator of Baltimore’s Collective Minds picnic, Poetry4People 2006 “Walkit-Talkit Integrity” award winner, single promoter and creator of the nearly 4yr run of the Soul Fiesta party, creator of Studio Sessions Live, author/poet of Tribe Called Soul Fiesta, prolific dj that rocks underground House & soul music, and is a flag bearer for the talented/overlooked.



D’Bora Ross (Craig Loftus) – Surely – Jellybean Soul

Jerah feat Thantaswa – Cry, Kill, & Die(acapella) – 2010 South Africa

Chinah Blac(Josh Milan) – Till You Come Home – Honeycomb Music

Frank Roger – Bolan – Real Tone Records

Thantaswa (Jerah) – Cry, Kill, & Die – 2010 South Africa

Soul Central – In-Ten-City – In The House

Terra Deva (Furry Phreaks) – Soothe – Miso

The CombiNations – Mi Tumba – Jellybean Soul

Vivian K (L.Vega/B.Satva) – Life Is A Lesson – Vega Records

Fela Kuti – Opposite People(T.R.A.R. mix) – (area code) Digital

Timmy Regisford – Blirinbo – Apt International

Queen AaMinah (C.Perez & L.Gorbea) – Somethings Gotta Give – Nite Grooves

Living Together (Dimitri from Paris mix) – The Jacksons – BBE

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