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Being Thankful, World AIDS Day & Boondocksbootleg

WE ARE THANKFUL! Thanksgiving Event Listings

In observance of World AIDS Day (WAD) 2008, which takes place every year on December 1, Los Angeles-based humanitarian organization, NextAid, is uniting the U.S. dance music communities from coast to coast to raise funds and awareness for kids in Africa who have been orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic.  See info on all events at & on

Good news for fans of the BOONDOCKS! No, it’s not an official announcement of Season 3 (though our sources say, that news is on the way). The Boondocks creator, Aaron McGruder and his Partner Rumble Studio have been keeping their comedy game sharp by producing a new YouTube Channel appropriately titled, “Boondocksbootleg”. The sketches, starring Boondocks favorites like John “Granddad” Witherspoon, Gary Anthony “Uncle Ruckus” Williams and Carl “Thugnificent” Jones, features the same hilariously profane, yet insightful comedy that McGruder is infamous for.  more…

Anthony Hamilton’s brand new album, The Point Of It All hits stores on 12/16/08. The Grammy Award nominated artist is unlike any you’ve ever seen or heard before. His soulful voice, smooth grooves and emotional lyrics always leaves the listener wanting more. Throughout Anthony’s career he has always remained a true southern gentleman. Experiencing his music live is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make sure you enter to win tickets to see Anthony in a city near you!

Single: Cool feat. David Banner: Anthony Hamilton - Cool (feat. David Banner) - Single - Cool (feat. David Banner)

Starting December 1, KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad returns to weeknights, on LA’s 89.9 FM hosting a music show from 8 to 10pm PST, the slot previously occupied by new Music Director and Host of Morning Becomes Eclectic Jason Bentley.

Garth has been on the air at KCRW since 1996 and hosted a weeknight show, formerly known as “Chocolate City.” His exploration into urban rhythms and soul created a new home for a demographic that wasn’t served anywhere else and he was the first DJ in the country to play both Macy Gray and Jill Scott. more…

Fusicology Toronto 2 Year Anniversary party pics c/o Soul on Ice and photographer Vince Mammoliti

Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood Returns Next Week on E! Channel: site, widgets & more

John Legend, Alicia Keyes and more Thanksgiving Night CNN Heroes Awards

The GRAMMY Museum, opens next week in Downtown LA

VH1 Soul’s “Soul Cities” hosted by Nelson George:

Past Tuesdays in Bay Area, Philadelphia and Chicago, upcoming dates:

• New Orleans – Tuesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT
• Memphis – Tuesday, December 9 at 9PM ET/PT
• Los Angeles – Tuesday, December 16 at 9PM ET/PT

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"5 ELA …will be televised" Release : Detroit Hip Hop gets another feather in its Takeover Cap

5ela_album_mixtape_copy150*5 ELA is back on the block, bringing that raw Detroit Hip Hop flavor with some classic Hip Hop Shop vibes and new “Michigan Avenue” sounds with their first album in [9] years, “…will be televised,” featuring 9th WONDER, NICK SPEED, and BIG TONE behind the beats, and guest appearances from FINALE (warning: this guy can rip the freakin mic in half), BAATIN of Slum Village, and the rising MC MARCELLUS. After a decade-long hiatus, and the loss of 1 MC, PROOF, and 1 producer, DILLA, 5 Elementz MEANS it when they say there is a 2nd Wave of Detroit Hip Hop about to storm the planet!

11.14.08 marked the official preview party for the forthcoming “5 ELA …will be televised” self-produced, full-length album from the re-formed original Detroit collective 5 Elementz, now 5 ELA. The mixtape CD is mixed by 5 ELA’s DJ Sicari and includes 6 of the tracks from the new album, as well as a few 5 Elementz classics, and 2 unreleased cuts, including “DoWhatTheyWanna” produced by the late 5 Elementz producer, J Dilla. Yet to be released songs on the full LP include productions from rising beatmakers BLACK MILK and New Orleans’ JAY ELECTRONICA, as well as choice thumps from 3 other Detroit producers, RENO WESLEY, DENMARK VESSEY, and BEE LEE, not to mention some great guest MC spots from Invincible and Ta’Raach of PPP and The Lovelution, among others, in the works.

Thyme + Mudd + Sicari = 5 ELA

Thyme + Mudd + Sicari = 5 ELA

The preview release party @ the Elements Gallery (ironically, the name of the venue was similar to the name of the group) last weekend was off the chain, and Fusicology was there to revel in all its splendor.  <<<peep the photos on our Flickr page!>>> Roll call at this intimate underground spot was bananas – Dwele, DJ Dez, members of Slum Village, cats from both UR and Planet e were in the building, and of course all the dope artists that were on the bill.  Real right.  After the sick live performances, DJs Sicari & Ta’Raach spun a killer dance party into wee hours.  Yes, indeed. [more Fusicology event photos]


The mixtape CD released on the 14th is to serve as just a taste of the full project to come… something that has been in the works now for the past 2 years.  The full album is due out early spring of 2009, and the group says we can expect some tour dates then.


So far, the anthem has been decided, and that is the title track “5 Elementz” - a powerful banger by Big Tone which will soon be heard thumping in rides all over, we’re quite sure.  The radio prodigy we see coming is also another Big Tone joint that features MC/Soul singer, Marcellus, and is sure to get the ladies in a tizzy – “I Don’t Mind.” But lookout for “Still In Love” too, because 9th Wonder isn’t playin on this one either, and once again Marcellus swoons the chicas alongside Mudd & Thyme.  Yet, the album is not without a steady stream of serious socio-political commentary, as “PIPEBOMB!!!”, “Detroit State of Mind,” and “Hater City” do not beat around the bush on controversial topics about the inside of the Detroit scene. School is most definitely in session, yo!

But this is not just another release.  This project is a solid effort being put forth by some Detroit Hip Hop originals, jaded and disuaded by the game for several years, attempting to re-unify not only Detroit Hip Hop, but Detroit as a whole.  Not only will you see guest appearances and collaboartions by just about every single Hip Hop artist on the forthcoming 5E album, but swaps on everyone else’s projects as well.  Not to mention some nice surprises in store for those that love some nice Techno remixes of Hip Hop tunes, or House or Broken Beat or even Rock versions of some new cuts.  Yep, there is a movement happening people…. Detroit is about to take over once again.



Now we all know that Dilla’s death spawned a whole craze of all-ears-on-Detroit, as well as the the loss of Proof shortly thereafter.  And now, you just can’t help but notice that Detroit seems to be turning out one solid artist after another right now… like bam! bam! bam!  Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Slum Village and PPP already in the ranks… everywhere you turn, there’s another Detroiter changing the game.

Lookout Def Jam, watch out Bad Boy… Detroit is baaaaaack!

Just imagine what’s gonna happen when this whole cadre of Detroit Hip Hop cats get together with the Godfathers of Techno (like Nick Speed & Danny Brown already have with Juan Atkins), some elder Jazz greats, and a few of the rising Soul singers like Dwele, Doc Holiday, Monica Blaire, L’Renee, Neco Redd, Sky Covington aka Nikki O…?  I believe one calls that a “takeover.”



So who is 5 ELA you say?  Good question.  5 Elementz was the core group of MCs and producers that ran around the legendary Detroit Hip Hop Shop on W. 7 Mile Rd. during the early ’90s.  Though many had side-projects and sub-groups, 5 Elementz contained, and one time or another, the large percentage of the Motor City’s prominent Hip Hop artists, both ones you know, and ones you will soon know.  And the Hip Hop Shop was the lab.  Known for their rotating assembly of quality MCs, producers, and vocalists during the OG days, 5 ELA’s mission is once again to collaborate with everyone and take the whole of the D with them to the next level.  You’ve heard the stories about Eminem, you’ve seen “8 Mile”... now its time for the real deal.

5 Elementz on 7 Mile Back in the Day - JayDee givin the 5 Fingaz!

5 Elementz on 7 Mile Back in the Day - JayDee givin the 5 Fingaz!

>>> Lookout for 2 films out soon:  “7 Mile Movie” and a yet-to-be-released doc on the Detroit Hip Hop scene.  Snagging the recently-released DVD of “Murder City: Detroit, 100 Years of Crime and Violence” might be a good idea too.  Though this aspect of the city was not the sole factor shaping Detroit’s Hip Hop sound and scene, it provides a decent back-drop for the larger environment that contributed to forming the Detroit Sound.

Core 5 ELA MCs, Mudd and Thyme, have re-formed their group for the new millenium with several friends and artists that routinely worked with them during the early 1990s at the legendary Detroit Hip Hop Shop on 7 Mile Rd, as well as a few rising artists both from Detroit and beyond. When asked what inspired this newly found resurgence of energy to produce and promote quality Hip Hop again in Detroit, 5 ELA cited the loss of two of their good friends and partners, the late Proof and Dilla. Mudd and Thyme note that they had been discouraged over the course of the late 1990s and in recent years given the state of so many people moving out of Detroit and the Hip Hop scene’s changing. However, now they feel they have re-bonded with both old colleagues and new spirits, and are on a mission to make sure that Proof and Dilla’s footprints in Hip Hop are not in vain.

So, all that said… keep your ear to the street, because Motown is shooting some moves.


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*5 ELA on MySpace:

—Jocelyne Ninneman ( J$ ) for Fusicology

GRAMMY Museum Grand Opening December 6

The GRAMMY Museum, the one-of-a-kind, “21st century museum” will explore and celebrate the enduring legacies of all forms of music, the creative process, the art and technology of the recording process, and the history of the premier recognition of excellence in recorded music – the GRAMMY Award. The Museum’s first special exhibition, Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom, will explore the 200-year history of music and politics in America

Recent UK-American transplant, Daz-I-Kue of Bugz in the Attic gives out his “Bloodfire vs. Funky Pres” (Yes We Can Daz-I-Kue Mix) this week: Download for FREE

The Detroit Hip Hop Takeover got wings on 11.14.08 with the release of the album preview mixtape from 5 ELA at a serious party in the D: Mixtape Review | Release Party Photos. The Walk for Lupus, Walk for Dilla in Los Angeles this past weekend raised money for a good cause, the Jay Walkers walked strong for J. Dilla!

VH1 Soul is hitting the road to visit some of the most famous metropolises around the country with its first original series “Soul Cities.” Viewers will accompany host Nelson George as he embarks on his search to experience the soul in some of America’s greatest cities.

Past Tuesdays in Philadelphia and Chicago, upcoming dates:

• Bay Area – Tuesday, November 25 at 9PM ET/PT
• New Orleans – Tuesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT
• Memphis – Tuesday, December 9 at 9PM ET/PT
• Los Angeles – Tuesday, December 16 at 9PM ET/PT

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Nelson George's "Soul Cities" on VH1 Soul

VH1 Soul is hitting the road to visit some of the most famous metropolises around the country with its first original series “Soul Cities.” Viewers will accompany host Nelson George as he embarks on his search to experience the soul in some of America’s greatest cities. Nelson, an award-winning author, filmmaker, television producer, and African-American culture critic, will provide viewers a unique perspective of the music, culture, history, food, people, and famous spaces and places that makes each city soulful in its own way.

This season launched this past Tuesday in Philadelphia, upcoming dates:

• Chicago – Tuesday, November 18 at 9PM ET/PT
• Bay Area – Tuesday, November 25 at 9PM ET/PT
• New Orleans – Tuesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT
• Memphis – Tuesday, December 9 at 9PM ET/PT
• Los Angeles – Tuesday, December 16 at 9PM ET/PT

Next year Nelson will be visiting Brooklyn, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit and Dallas. Possibly Harlem, Boston, Houston, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Newark and Cleveland. Blog

Fusicology Toronto’s 2 Year Anniversary Celebrations and iPod Giveaway! More info here

See exclusive Fusicology NYC 5 Year event photos with Dwele as the special guest DJ + the following night’s Hip Hop Live photos with Talib Kweli, Little Brother and David Banner.

More Fusicology LA 5 Year photos c/o Wireimage featuring DJ ?uestlove, Travis McCoy and more: Set 1 | Set 2

Get the official Obama Poster | Ciroc The Vote: Obama Ciroc Martini recipes for the Winning Democrats and yes even one for the Republicans on our blog

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New Era for American Politics

In this poignant and pinnacle time we manifested a new leader and we couldn’t be prouder – GOBAMA!  A new age has dawned and all of us are a part of it.  As Barack said, it won’t be easy but nothing is good that comes without hard work and perseverance.


John Legend“Evolver” John Legend - Evolver

Q-Tip“The Renaissance” Q-Tip - The Renaissance

J.Period & Q-Tip release “Q-Tip For President” All-Star Best Of Project – Download

Boyz II Men will be on A&E Private Sessions Sunday, November 9 at 9 a.m. EST for an in-depth interview with host Lynn Hoffman about their spectacular career. Also don’t miss guest appearances by Wayne Brady and Kenny Rogers. more info… FEATURES:

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