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Vegas Fashion Tradeshow Week in Review

Once again around 100,000 fashion industry and entertainment professionals gathered in Las Vegas for the bi-annual Fashion Trade show week, centered around MAGIC.

While documenting the film shoot that DJ Eque was doing for Flow TV, we saw folks like Russell Simmons at the Baby Phat tradeshow headquarters – he may have stepped down as CEO of Phat Fashions last week but he was very present at the Convention.

Click here to read about MAGIC, POOL, Project, Global Eco Apparel Trade and Fashion Show, The Unity Mansion Show and of course all the many parties, after-parties and celebrity sightings.

Hello world!

The 11th Hour : Film Review

As an anthropologist, the key point that resonated most with me is the fact that global warming and pollution and the disintegration of ecosystems and all of these things are not technically the problem, so much as they are symptoms of the problem.  The problem then, is the cause if these symptoms – our culture.

Contemporary culture – our every day habits – is what needs to be cured.  Even deeper a cause though is the thinking, the collective mental attitude, of the consumer nations.  It is obvious that efficacy, preservation, and balance are not high on the priority list of the average American.  Although there is no doubt that other cultures contribute greatly to this eminent disease, I can really only speak on the one that I have experienced for a couple of decades… and compare it to those abroad that I have seen briefly.

My question to America is then:  Exactly what is it that you are scurrying around, wasting, and making yourself sick and tired for every day?

But rather than launch into how we got to be this cookie monster of a culture, which could take hours – if not days – to get through, my next thought was about just how hard it is to live consciously.  How difficult our infrastructure makes it to do things like recycle, take efficient and reliable public transportation, or buy organic food.  Well, at least in the Rust Belt post-industrial US.  Our forefathers became so proud of, and so hooked on, mass production that we’ve made it virtually impossible for ourselves to actually choose what we want to consume.

Come on, how far do you have to go to get to your nearest Whole Foods?  And how many of us have to spend our Whole Paycheck just for the week’s groceries?  And then of course there’s the issue of how you’re going to even get there… which is likely going to have to involve a fossil-fuel-driven vehicle or bus…  because the sticker on the few hybrid models out there is still outta your league right now.  And recycle?  Puh-lease…  that would involve me neatly remembering to separate and pack all the recyclables and actually drive them to the recycling center, because the City doesn’t pick up recycling, because that costs them money…  do we have to go further?

So, Leo wants us to “Make A Change.”  You know; make a difference in our little, every day choices.  Easy for him to say – he’s loaded.  So that’s my rant.  If you really wanna do something… (Hey! Remember that campaign? I think the hot actor at the time pitching that one was that guy from 90210, yeah?)  …send a sister some leads!  I mean, really, let me know where I can get some affordable good food, order solar panels for my new house, and shop for my next hybrid!

Therefore, I guess this has become my blog to collect great websites that contain the precious info on how I can know where to ”make a change,” wherever I may be…

And of course, I cannot forget how it came to me to start the roll call:  this topic most definitely reminded me of my dear friend Ulysses, in Detroit, (and yes, that’s his real name) and his Urban Crop Circle Project.  Yep, google it.  I just love the adventure of his girlfriend trying to simply buy a diesel vehicle from Daimler-Chrysler corporation…  “oh, we don’t sell those kind of cars to regular people – we just make those really efficient, super long-lasting vehicles for army use only.”   Huh?

NOTE:  Ironically, right after viewing the advance screening of “The 11th Hour,” in the hear of New Orleans, I then jetted over to check out Shakespear’s release of his next album…  the poet that was featured in Spike Lee’s controversial doc, “When The Levees Broke” releases more music since “The Storm.”  Hhmmm…

ReverbNation | New Blood Urban Showcase has announced plans for a ten-city Showcase Series in partnership with digital distribution powerhouse SNOCAP. The Showcase Series, named the ReverbNation New Blood Urban Showcase Series, will span 10 cities and feature the top unsigned urban artistsfrom each market performing in front of A&R Representatives from Bad Boy Entertainment, Rawkus Records, UnAuthorized/Asylum and Imperial Records.

The Series kicks off in Houston on Saturday, August 25th. Up next is Cleveland, Sept 1st. Atlanta, September 20th and Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis and others to be announced soon.

10-12 artists will be selected from the ReverbNation website to perform at each Showcase Event, with each being allotted 8 minutes to perform. An A&R representative will be flown from New York City to each of the 10 nationwide showcases.

Go to for more details, submission information and rules.


The 2007 Can A Sista Roc A Mic? (CASRAM) in DC was off the hook! The Grand Opening set the bar high as NY’s Diverse won D.C.’s first female beat battle Beauty and the Beat. Georgia Anne Muldrow followed with an outstanding performance and Bahamadia closed the show in true hip-hop fashion. The Blend Edition had everyone pass through as W. Ellington Felton spun the early tunes and the stage was set ablaze by D.C.’s Alison Carney, Yahzarah (aka Purple Saint James), Sy Smith and Carol Riddick. True School DJ Cuzzin B spun the rest of the night as appearances were made by Raheem Devaughn, 9th Wonder, Jodine (Jodine’s Corner) and all of the D.C. soul scene.

Saturday’s was held in a beautiful outdoor location where the weather was perfect for performances by Mosadi Music, Stephanie Renee, Salakida, and DC’s Green Tea, Jamila, Wendy McIntyre and more. Choklate did her thing Sunday as well as Afi [ah-FEE] who debuted her CD, Lovely, while MC LYTE closed out the festival as the perfect grand finale performance hitting all of her classics and freestyling with band and DJ Uncle Q. The 3rd Annual Can A Sista Rock A Mic? was unforgettable and D.C. is officially on the map as the place to be for this event each summer.

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LA: Hip Hop Leaders Conference

Performers like DJ Premier, Spinderella and Nick Cannon join forces with business people from throughout the hip hop industry to inspire disadvantaged youth in the Los Angeles area to strive for success in high school and look for opportunities to obtain a college education.

Today, August 8th, marks the kick-off for the Annual Los Angeles Hip Hop Leaders Conference, when non-profit organization, 1600 Avenue, hosts 100 under served youth from the Los Angeles area at the UCLA campus for five days of enriching workshops and activities including direct interaction and instruction from DJs, radio personalities, artists, video directors, producers, business managers, accountants, marketing/A&R reps, engineers, IT professionals and lawyers.

The Hip Hop Leaders Program International is a year-round after school college and technology preparatory curriculum that supplements today’s school systems. We use the excitement of hip hop and entertainment to connect with our at-risk youth, and then help them finish high school and get into college.

The Conference is part of the year round College Prep and Technology Prep curriculum delivered by 1600 Avenue’s Hip Hop Leaders Program. For many of the youth, the conference is the first step toward achieving a college education and a brighter future.

DC’s CASRAM Festival

Starting Tuesday August 7th, in its 3rd year, Can A Sista Rock A Mic? Festival has created wonderful exposure for some of the nation’s brightest stars and provided a platform for independent female artists. This year Washington, D.C. promises to be a smash with some of the most talked about names in hip-hop, soul and beyond. For the Full Lineup, featuring MC Lyte & Bahamadia, Schedule of Events and Total Access Tickets, please visit

Atlanta’s Soul Weekend

The last week of July saw Atlanta prove their soul scene is strong. After the ongoing events during the National Black Arts Festival and The International Soul Music Summit, Saturday night saw the likes of Yahzarah kill the mic and Eric Roberson rock a beautiful vocal J Dilla tribute set at the Harmony in Life event. The same night, FunkJazzKafe® returned after a 3-year hiatus with sets by Angie Stone, Dead Prez, Bone Crusher, Gordon Chambers, N’Dambi, Dawn from En Vogue & Janelle Monae. Read the feature with FunkJazz Founder of Jason Orr here. | Event Photos