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Interview: Malik Alston

on July 19, 2007with 0 comments

Soulful Deep House & Nu Jazz Musician / Producer Malik Alstonon his new LP, “This Music Is Life”

FUSICOLOGY: You are a Detroiter, do you feel this album reflects life in Detroit right now? Or is this “Life” about something else?

MALIK ALSTON: I feel that this album captures me as a producer and artist reflecting on life experiences in Detroit. The journey is spiritual, enlightening and explosive.

FUS: Many have said that there is something for everyone on this project… how did that come about?

MA: Staying true to my artistic integrity, respecting the viewpoints of other people and their beliefs inspired me to write and produce a project that was unselfish. I strive to write classics – songs that can touch the hearts of all people.

FUS: Do you have plans to turn this project into a recurring live set?

MA: Every opportunity that I get, I love playing and taking people on a journey. It will be great to do the project as a live set all over the world.

FUS: If you had to pick one track that you think will
be the most DJ-friendly, which one would it be?

MA: All of them are DJ friendly, it just depends on the DJ. But one of my favorites is Badeya.

FUS: The album came out this past Tuesday 7/14 – in what formats, and where?

MA: The is CD format, digital download and vinyl (selected cuts). Dusty Groove, CD Baby, Tower Records Japan, Disk Union; local record stores like Record Time, Submerge, Vibes New & Rare Music, Spectacles, Flo, Pure Detroit and large retailers near you will carry the project plus iTunes and Amazon (coming soon).

Interviewed by Jocelyne Ninneman for Fusicology.com

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