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2007 Grammy Weekend Review

on February 14, 2007with 0 comments

So I, Thoth, took some time off from Egyptian godhood to spend some time with the “little people.” In this plain most refer to them as celebrities. Anyhow…moving along I kicked off the weekend, Friday, at the Fusicology-Puma-J*DaVeY shindig at the Wilshire Royale. It was a tribute to the late great James “J Dilla” Yancey. DJ House Shoes’ set dedicated to Mr. Dilla was simply amazing. Also DJs Garth Trinidad and Supreme One were on the wheels that night, both making a major contribution to the art of DJing. A few up incomers in the music biz were also present. J*DaVeY of course hosting and mingling with the crowd and free wine (courtesy of Beaujolais). Aloe Blacc, N’dambi, Ilyas of Tanya Morgan and various industry folk were also present. The setting was classy yet not overly swanky. It was cozy and there was a nice balance of both sexes present…who collectively looked great if I must say so. There are advantages to being an Egyptian God…we always know the right parties to attend and usually get the VIP treatment.

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The next night, on Saturday, I attended the ever-popular Annual “Roots Jam Session.” Upon entering I saw a queen as powerful as Cleopatra named “Latifah.” Shortly afterwards the jam session was flooded by queens like Sanaa Lathan, India.Arie, Nia Andrews (who the next day sang backup for Mary J Blidge) and one of the greatest queens of all Anita Baker. Prince’s band “The Family” opened up the night. Dave Chappelle introduced a few people. Talib Kweli did his thing. Matisyahu rocked out. Black Thought showed us what it means to be an emcee. Skillz summed up 2006. They were serving free Tanqueray in VIP. Anita jammed with India onstage. India played her flute. Maimouna Yousef and Chrisette Michelle hit the stage. Black Eyed Peas was in the place relaxing. A star-studded night indeed. I felt right at home.

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Next was Grammy Day and I put on my Godly garb and my favorite Goddess took my arm and we were off. I knew it was going to be good or “funny” day when the weather forecast suddenly was “sunny and clear” after being “rainy” all week. Like I told you being an Egyptian God has its advantages. For example, we were seated in a “high up” place in the room. How Godly! This event was comical to say the least. Tony Bennett started off the night with accidental hilarity. Tony Bennett is a legend indeed, and one of his most recent exploits was his advertising campaign with Target. With award in hand for “Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals” with Stevie Wonder for “For Once In My Life”, Tony made an extra special thanks to Target for being the best sponsor he’s ever had. With Target being one of the major contributing sponsors to the Grammy Awards, and with that the awards commended.

Next, was a priceless moment in Hip Hop history. Common and Kanye West took the stage as presenters. They then ran a generic dialog that poked fun at Kanye’s arrogant outbursts as of late. It was hilarious but probably not in the way Kanye had hoped. I know this was a feeble attempt at him wiping his slate clean, but it seemed like too little too late at this point. Shortly afterwards they presented Ludacris with the “Best Rap Album” award in which he ended his acceptance speech sending a shout out to Bill O’Reilly and Oprah Winfrey. The crowd roared in laughter. Good One Luda! Good One! And last but not least….in tribute to James Brown…they had Christina Aguilera sing “It’s a Man’s World”….yup..You heard right….sigh…this wasn’t as funny as it was confusing..and they say the Gods must be crazy…well we aren’t THAT crazy. Overall it was a Mary J and Dixie Chicks dominating the eventing and the rest like they say is..HIS-STORY!

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