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PBS Presents Soundies: A Musical History

Before MTV, there were “soundies.” First appearing in 1941, these three-minute “music videos” played in famous nightclubs and restaurants everywhere, featuring many of the legendary musicians of that era. For the price of 10 cents, audiences enjoyed artists such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Jordan, Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway – all viewed through a movie jukebox placed in nightclubs and bars.

Hosted by Michael Feinstein, four-time Grammy nominee and one of the premiere interpreters of American song, the program also contains interviews with some of America’s most famous musical and cultural icons – including Wynton Marsalis, Les Paul, George Duke, Hugh Hefner and film historian Leonard Maltin.

Visit www.soundiestv.comand enter for your chance to win autographed Soundies posters and CDs, as well as see when Soundies is playing on your local PBS station.

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Miami Music Conference Updates

As we gear up for the Miami Winter Music Conference starting in less than weeks, we are proud to present our constantly updated 2nd Annual Fusicology Event Listings already live!

Click here to view events.

The difference between us and other List’s is simple – we hand pick them. Click here for FREE Event Upload info and to receive our Miami blasts, sign up on any of the pages like the brand new Miami Page.

Remix Hotel Returns this year to the National HotelClick Here for info on the 3 Days of Technology Showcases & 4 Days of Poolside Performances from March 22–25, 3–9 p.m. daily.

NBA All-Star Weekend

Words: Shah Wonders

Vegas was crazy. An insane amount of people on an already overcrowded strip, overpriced everything and traffic was said to have been a mile out away from the airport frustrating people on the day after the game. Yet I managed to chill and party with barely any sleep and drive back to LA Monday afternoon after the long weekend. And oh what a weekend that was…

Our collegues attended the The Converse Wade 2.0 event at Jet Nightclub inside of the Mirage. Common was freestyling and giving shout outs to his friends in the crowd with guests in the house Carmelo Anthony, Jadakiss, Nick Cannon, Amare Stoudemire and guest of honor, Dwyane Wade, debuting his new shoe and apparel line. Upon my arrival on Friday night we attended Kenny Smith’s party where with LeBron James, poker, classic hip hop and plenty of drinks.

Saturday we were at an ever-crowded Pool Party @ the Wynn Hotel and later that night Kid Capri & Biz Markie DJd at the Magic Johnson/Allen Iverson Party @ Studio 54 at the MGM Grand which was attended by the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Megan Good, Fat Joe, T.I, and many others. After the game, Charlie Murphy performed @ the House of Blues on Sunday night followed by a KRS-ONE performance @ Taboo at the MGM Grand.

And whoa…the West kicked the East’s a**


OM:Hip Hop Volume One

Om: Hip Hop Volume One | In Stores Now!

Featuring New and Exclusive tracks from Zion I and the Grouch, Strange Fruit Project and Erykah Badu, Ladybug Mecca and Raheem DeVaughn, E Da Boss Feat. Gift of Gab and Lateef, the Truth Speaker, Colossus, Zeph & Azeem, J-Boogies Dubtronic Science and more!.

Click Here to listen / buy from Om Records.

Click Here to listen / buy from iTunes.

Standing at the cross roads of their second decade, Om takes the next step forward with Om:Hip-Hop, a dedicated label within the Om Records family committed to discovering and releasing the dopest forward thinking hip-hop around. Within a year, the imprint has built a roster that includes the acid jazz juggernaut Colossus, the ever soulful Strange Fruit Prjoect (who’s collaborations include Erykah Badu and Little Brother), Bay Area heavy weights Zion I & The Grouch, Zeph and Azeem, J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, the Grammy award winning Ladybug Mecca and DJ/producer E Da Boss.

Petition: Save NPR & PBS

Congress must save NPR and PBS once and for all. Congress should guarantee permanent funding and independence from partisan meddling. clicking here will add your name.

George W. Bush is trying to slash funding for NPR and PBS proposing a new budget with devastating cuts to public broadcasting. Sesame Street and other ad-free kids’ shows are under the knife. So is the independent journalism our country needs.

Enough is enough. We’ve fought this fight before and won but we can’t afford the risk anymore. With the new Congress, we can make sure this never happens again. We need Congress to insulate NPR and PBS from the political winds.

Congress can protect NPR and PBS from future cuts. The long-term solution to save
public radio and TV is to:

  • fully restore this year’s funding
  • guarantee a permanent funding stream
    free from political pressure
  • reform how the money is spent and keep partisan
    appointees from pushing a political bias

Bush’s budget would cut federal funds for public broadcasting by nearly 25%.

The cuts could also decimate one of the last remaining sources of watchdog reporting on TV—continuing the partisan war on journalism led by the ex-chair of public broadcasting, Ken Tomlinson. More people trust public broadcasting than any corporate news media.4 President Bush would rather undermine our free press than face reporters who are asking tough questions.


Review by Thoth

While sitting in deep contemplation, mourning the supposed death of hip-hop, I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it, I was greeted by several people who then asked, “Brother are you prepared to be liberated?” I then followed them into the woods to a cave. It felt like the Underground Railroad except instead of slave garb these people wore outfits of all sorts. One in a suit, one in urban attire, one in a doctor’s attire, and etc. They then looked at each other gleefully said “Ready?” and pushed play on the boom box.

I was then whisked away to a place where hip-hop was alive and well. None other than Talib Kweli and Madlib crafted this otherworldly landscape. A place with a classic feel complimented by a classic album. Liberation does just that. It frees you from the dark reality where people feel hip-hop has died. If anything hip-hop is experiencing a rebirth of sorts and the labor pains are apparent. Kweli’s lyricism is remarkable this time out and his cadence is more streamlined-sniper-rifle than the Uzi-flow of the past. He’s more patient with wowing the listener.

Trusting it to happen naturally instead of forcing it. Madlib takes his natural beat making consistency to another level. They also topped off this recipe with the “short and sweet” formula which does well with today’s “fast food attention span.” Oh and I did I forget to mention, for those who know what I’m talking about, this isn’t a classic because its not like the albums we love to hate…you can listen to this start to finish! Remember how you used to do with “Ready to Die” and “Midnight Marauders?” Yeah, you can do the same with this one. The only skipping I did was through this otherworldly landscape with my shoes off…remembering the “good old’ days.”

But all good things must come to an end, and I had to leave KweLib land. So here I am back to spread the news of the wonderful world that awaits you just over the hill and at a record store near you. Free your mind and support the Liberation.

The album will be released on Blacksmith on 2.20.07

Listen Here

Watch New More or Less Video

2007 Grammy Weekend Review

So I, Thoth, took some time off from Egyptian godhood to spend some time with the “little people.” In this plain most refer to them as celebrities. Anyhow…moving along I kicked off the weekend, Friday, at the Fusicology-Puma-J*DaVeY shindig at the Wilshire Royale. It was a tribute to the late great James “J Dilla” Yancey. DJ House Shoes’ set dedicated to Mr. Dilla was simply amazing. Also DJs Garth Trinidad and Supreme One were on the wheels that night, both making a major contribution to the art of DJing. A few up incomers in the music biz were also present. J*DaVeY of course hosting and mingling with the crowd and free wine (courtesy of Beaujolais). Aloe Blacc, N’dambi, Ilyas of Tanya Morgan and various industry folk were also present. The setting was classy yet not overly swanky. It was cozy and there was a nice balance of both sexes present…who collectively looked great if I must say so. There are advantages to being an Egyptian God…we always know the right parties to attend and usually get the VIP treatment.

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The next night, on Saturday, I attended the ever-popular Annual “Roots Jam Session.” Upon entering I saw a queen as powerful as Cleopatra named “Latifah.” Shortly afterwards the jam session was flooded by queens like Sanaa Lathan, India.Arie, Nia Andrews (who the next day sang backup for Mary J Blidge) and one of the greatest queens of all Anita Baker. Prince’s band “The Family” opened up the night. Dave Chappelle introduced a few people. Talib Kweli did his thing. Matisyahu rocked out. Black Thought showed us what it means to be an emcee. Skillz summed up 2006. They were serving free Tanqueray in VIP. Anita jammed with India onstage. India played her flute. Maimouna Yousef and Chrisette Michelle hit the stage. Black Eyed Peas was in the place relaxing. A star-studded night indeed. I felt right at home.

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Next was Grammy Day and I put on my Godly garb and my favorite Goddess took my arm and we were off. I knew it was going to be good or “funny” day when the weather forecast suddenly was “sunny and clear” after being “rainy” all week. Like I told you being an Egyptian God has its advantages. For example, we were seated in a “high up” place in the room. How Godly! This event was comical to say the least. Tony Bennett started off the night with accidental hilarity. Tony Bennett is a legend indeed, and one of his most recent exploits was his advertising campaign with Target. With award in hand for “Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals” with Stevie Wonder for “For Once In My Life”, Tony made an extra special thanks to Target for being the best sponsor he’s ever had. With Target being one of the major contributing sponsors to the Grammy Awards, and with that the awards commended.

Next, was a priceless moment in Hip Hop history. Common and Kanye West took the stage as presenters. They then ran a generic dialog that poked fun at Kanye’s arrogant outbursts as of late. It was hilarious but probably not in the way Kanye had hoped. I know this was a feeble attempt at him wiping his slate clean, but it seemed like too little too late at this point. Shortly afterwards they presented Ludacris with the “Best Rap Album” award in which he ended his acceptance speech sending a shout out to Bill O’Reilly and Oprah Winfrey. The crowd roared in laughter. Good One Luda! Good One! And last but not least….in tribute to James Brown…they had Christina Aguilera sing “It’s a Man’s World”….yup..You heard right….sigh…this wasn’t as funny as it was confusing..and they say the Gods must be crazy…well we aren’t THAT crazy. Overall it was a Mary J and Dixie Chicks dominating the eventing and the rest like they say is..HIS-STORY!

Written by Thoth

4hero: New Album

The new album Play With The Changesfrom 4hero will be released in North America February
27, 2006 through Milan Records.

As pioneers of jungle and drum n bass, 4hero massively changed the face of modern music and made a huge contribution to dance culture. Forging ahead with fresh beats and techniques on their new album.

Listen & Learn @

Fusicology: New Orleans

This month also marks the launch of the Fusicology: New Orleans page during possibly the most important season for the Crescent City. As the people of New Orleans struggle to re-build their homes, businesses, and lives through community, unity, and faith, Fusicology is proud to be a part of that re-building. After all, the unique culture of Nawlins is what makes it so important on a global scale. With carnival season upon them, and the Saints almost making it to the SuperBowl for the first time in their 40-year history, New Orleanians are certainly floating on high hopes and a bit of a breather from the everyday wear and tear of their drastically changed lives.

Mardi Gras, taking place Tuesday February 20 this year, has been nearly, since its inception, the fabric that has woven the city together, not to mention provided immeasurable economic stability in a metropolis still plagued by age-old racism and prejudice. Now, after the largest disaster this nation has ever seen, the citizens of this American cultural gem come together to officially charge and sue the Army Corps of Engineers for the fatal failing of the levees, after years of disregarding warnings.

A universal symbol of faith, and the crest icon of New Orleans for over a century, the fleur-de-lis, in its many shapes, colors, and sizes, may just be the symbol of the year… a commonality now among people of all walks of life in southern Louisiana. And although rumor has it that the legendary NOLA-native blues master, Dr. John, will decline his Grammy nomination this year in fear that it is a “pity” nomination, the world will eternally have New Orleans to thank for the additions of the rich, colorful flavors of Second-Line Rebirth Brass music, and the contemporary hybrid of Brass-Hop, to our ever-growing and ridiculously absurd dictionary of musical sub-sub-genres.

Don’t believe the hype – NOLA is back! Experience it while you can!

Words: Jocelyne M. Ninneman