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Fusicology on that Brand New…!!

This week, here at, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary with the unveiling of a much-improved site and email blasts! In order to reflect the community we represent, it’s a must that Fusicology steps it’s game up as often as we can. Look for a new look on both our digital newsletter and on the site itself, with better functionality, more content and (of course) the newest in progressive and soulful urban alternative music, news, reviews, interviews, fashion and technology.

Also, for the jet-set and our friends abroad, you’ll notice that we’re now active in 8 cities so allow us to welcome our latest world citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area! We’re not done folks… we’ve really only just begun…Onward and upward! If you haven’t already checked us out on our MySpace page, look through some news items and blurbs, and always the most progressive events and music. Also, feel free to hit us with feedback, information and ideas… we love you, too!

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Count Bass D on Fat Beats

Though it’s known as “Music City USA,” Nashville has never been at the forefront of hip-hop music. That’s just fine with Dwight Farrell, otherwise known as Count Bass D, who has made a career of staying outside the confines of convention in the cut-and-dried music industry.

His latest full-length, Act Your Waist Size on Fat Beats Records, Count Bass D once again demonstrates his unique ability to showcase various styles in a hip-hop context. In addition to his trademark boom-bap and instrumental tracks, he reinterprets two 19th century standards, sings a self-penned ballad, and offers his version of the southern sound.

Official Website

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Listen: MP3


Hip Hop Museum & Culture Center Launches, Harlem

Global Artists Coalition (GAC), with support from New York City’s Economic Development Corporation and the Harlem 125th Street Business Improvement District launched a temporary hip-hop museum and culture center at Harlem’s Magic Johnson Theater October this past week, during New York City’s first ever Hip-Hop Honors Week. Highlights included the presentation of an award of recognition to the “Godfather of Hip-Hop,” Kool Herc, during an invite-only VIP launch party last week. The party featured a special performance by Grand Wizzard Theodore, the inventor of turntable scratching, and “America’s Best Blender” DJ Silva Sir-Fa.

This initiative reinforces and extends GAC’s mission to provide young adults in underserved communities with access to music, dance and visual arts that reflect their culture, while providing a pathway to successful, sustainable careers in communication and entertainment industries.

Those pledging to contribute items to the museum include pioneering DJs Kool Herc, DJ Breakout and Grandmaster Flash; and seminal rappers Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, Sha-Rock, the Sugar Hill Gang and the Boogie Boys.

The GAC Culture Center events during Hip Hop Honors Week celebrated the history, style and sound of hip hop through the last three decades with performances, interactive exhibits and artifacts.

For more information on GAC, visit

We congratulate ?uestlove for being the amazing musical director for this year’s VH1 Hop Hop Honors. Big up!

Stimulus | New Album Out Now

Known to some as NYC’s “best kept secret”, Stimulus’ latest effort sees him taking a break from the well known ‘funk-hop, New York based “The Real Live Show”, moving in the direction of his solo musical voice, the journey has lead Stimulus’ down a two year road in making his debut artist album, “A Kings County Tale”, on Sugarwater Recordings/Hitnodic Entertainment.

Exclusively distributed through Fontana/Universal, Stimulus builds a remarkably complete musical picture, encompassing his myriad of influences, self described as “an expression and exploration of diverse experiences”.

The album features special guest appearances from Steele (Smiff-N-Wessun, The Boot Camp Clique), Spagga (Proyecto Uno), Maya Azucena, Natty Bless, Kae Hoc and Cali Bud.

Visit Stimulus’ Myspace

Link to iTunes

NextAid & World AIDS Day 12.1

Join a growing movement to help kids in Africa by linking up your party with the World AIDS Day campaign. NextAid invites you to be a part of a growing network of dance music industry leaders who are responding the AIDS orphan pandemic, which has left over 15 million children in its wake. December 1st is World AIDS Day and you can make a difference by joining forces with NextAid.

As a promoter, artist, or venue, you have a unique opportunity to bring people together for a purpose. By incorporating NextAid’s mission into an already planned event [Dec 1-8] and making it part of this campaign by donating a % of the proceeds, you will transform the event from just a party into an important statement of hope.

Last year, our first year, NextAid connected 14 events in 6 cities. This year, we hope to double our numbers to make a bigger difference in the lives of children unjustly suffering due to AIDS in Africa. We will support you by including your event in a beautiful HTML email and inclusion in online newsletters that will be sent out by our promotional partners, such as Wantickets, flavorpill, Fusicology and others, as well as inclusion in the press release.

To find out who is supporting NextAid and what we are doing to make a tangible and lasting impact in Africa, go to

Omar Interview

After a five-year recording hiatus – during which time he’s built his own studio, set up his own label and been touring like a madman – the one and only Omar is back. The British soul supremo’s sixth and perhaps funkiest album so far, Sing [If You Want It], is coming out this Tuesday October 10th. Before Omar heads out on his US Tour, Fusicology caught up with the icon for an interview.

FUSICOLOGY: What are some of the differences between the UK & US soul music industry?

OMAR: I’ve been in the business for 21 years and what I know is that in the US you have bigger numbers and can sell millions of records which you won’t do in the UK. I feel that because of this, artists sell out to sell more records and their music is confused. Technology has allowed the promotion of indy music through the internet, satellite radio and TV programs like the UK’s Channel U.

F: This album has a different sound than your last release 5 years ago, can you explain the different sound?

O: The last album was influenced by film soundtracks whereas this new album has harder beats – it’s still Omar, just more dancefloor ready.

F: What does the future hold?

O: My brother and producer, Scratch Professer and I have a stable of artists we are working on putting out music from on our imprint, Blunt Music. I am not a business man but I love putting other talent on.

For tour dates and additional information on Omar, please check out:

Official Website
Omar’s MySpace

Special thanks to Tone Walters & 4Sight Media Relations, Inc.

J Rawls Interview

J Rawls’ critically acclaimed “The Liquid Crystal Project” album (CD release/2xlp) is out now. Experience the birth of Jazz-Hop, right here by none other than J- Rawls and POLAR Entertainment. The Columbus Ohio resident produced timeless tracks for Talib Kweli, Mos Def, US3, Beastie Boys, El Da Sensei, J Live and others.

F: What is the Liquid Crystal Project all about?

J.R: I did the Liquid Crystal project as my tribute to hip hop & jazz, both of my musical loves, a fusion of both, a more hip hop infused then jazz infused

F: Living in the Midwest, have you come across any struggles as a producer?

J.R: Yes, being in the Midwest is a stuggle. I work very hard, trying to get out there, but people don’t really check for it unlike if you’re from New York or LA or if you’re from Down South which all the majors (labels) are all about. Coming from Ohio is definitely difficult. I am blessed because I worked with Mos and Kweli but that was 1998…I know people like it as I get tremendous hits on MySpace but no exec’s or A&Rs are willing to take a chance – they pass – even the jazz labels.

F: With a worldwide fanbase and iconic DJs like Rich Medina rocking the record, what is your creative stance?

J.R: I don’t worry about making the next hit, I make music that makes me tick, that makes me feel good, that I move to and hopefully make people feel the same way.

For additional information on J Rawls, please check out:

Official Website
J Rawls’ MySpace
Liquid Crystal Project MySpace