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From CA to USA To Darfur

On Monday, September 25th, 2006 California Governor Schwarzenegger signed two bills that prohibit the state’s pension funds from investing in companies with active business in Sudan, hoping to help convince other states to do the same. Ultimately, it is to pressure the Arab-dominated government of Sudan, which is blamed for the deaths of at least 200,000 non-Arabs since 2003 and the displacement of more than 2.5 million people in the nation’s western Darfur region.

At the bill signing, the Governor was joined by other governmental leaders and advisors alongside Documented Liberal Democrat Actor-vists, Don Cheadle and George Clooney were also on hand for the signing. When asked if he wasn’t worried that he might not be giving California’s Right—Of-Center Governor a perfect photo-op, Clooney first quipped that he’d done that years ago when the two co-starred in the franchise downside, “Batman and Robin”. Refusing to allow politics the shade the humanitarian efforts being championed on the day, Clooney added, “I couldn’t be more proud of this bipartisan effort, and thank Gov. Schwarzenegger for his leadership at this most crucial time,” said George Clooney. “It’s a great step forward in holding people responsible for their actions, and a great blueprint for other states. Two and a half million refugees just got a little safer because of this, and we have much more work ahead of us.”

Don Cheadle added that he wanted to make clear that although he and Clooney had personally phoned Arnold weeks ago upon hearing that the Bills were in danger of veto, the pressure they’d hoped to exert proved unnecessary. The Governor has apparently been a supporter and believer in this bill since it’s conception. In the 1980s, the state approved similar measures to allow state entities to divest in South Africa in order to protest its apartheid policies.

For further info on the day, the bills and the situation you can start here

Anthony David Interview

Atlanta singer/songwriter/guitarist, Anthony David has released his second record, Red Clay Chronicles on Brash Music this Tuesday Sept 26th. Red Clay Chronicles continues David’s journey to recapture the sound of Soul music. Fusicology had the opportunity to catch up with Anthony to do a quick interview with the artist.

FUSICOLOGY: We love the message you’re sending out on “Stop Playin”, I know that you find inspiration for your music through personal experiences, is this particular song very personal to you?

ANTHONY DAVID: I’m not one to do any finger pointing, but when you’re sitting around your friends, talking about stuff- the talk about “girls” and “playing them” gets old. All you hear sometimes is “this girl this, this girl that”, so I thought it would be a great idea to write a song about it. When “the boys” are hanging out, that’s our typical conversations, so all the messing around turned into a whole song!”

F: What type of things inspired you when you first started?

AD: Conversations, regular life stuff, stuff you go thru.

F: Where do you see yourself and soul music in 5 years?

AD: Don’t know, can’t imagine…positive, more records, more people to talk to..try not to get that specific, do the best he can, and let chips fall…clearly, want to be successful…evolving with the times and of course life experiences, just continuing to grow with the second record. Current, still you.

For tour dates and additional information on Anthony David, please check out:

Brash Music
Anthony’s MySpace

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bold and beautiful Out Now

Vikter Duplaix’s sophmore solo album release “bold & beautiful” dropped this Tuesday, Sept. 19th on BBE Records. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this masterpiece, please support this talented and internationally acclaimed artist.

With amazing collaborations with James Poyser, Raphael Saadiq, Esthero and Ty Tribbet making this soulful CD be on heavy rotation.

Click here to buy album online.

Check out the all-new, Fusicology’s very own graphic designer had the opportunity to design! Enjoy…

DJ SHADOW is The Outsider

The Outsider, DJ Shadow’s fabulous, fascinating, fire-breathing third album.

“The Outsider” is a record that will confound those who believed they had Shadow pigeonholed. Working with several different vocalists, and in styles spanning everything from hyphy, the Bay Area’s newest hip hop hybrid, to folk; from aggressive hardcore rock to left-field alternative dance music, the album is an almost schizophrenic collection from an artist to whom loving music and making music are just two sides of the same coin. Long-term fans need have nothing to fear – his power to conjure and affect an emotion by collaging samples, voices and fragments of long-forgotten recorded dialogue remains undimmed – but the sense here is that, at last, this is the real Shadow, in the raw. It sounds and feels, simply, like the record he’s been yearning to make.

The record was put together from disparate elements over nearly three years. Artifact (Instrumental) is a relic of Shadow’s work on an abandoned solo LP by former Rage Against The Machine front man Zack De La Rocha. 3 Freaks, which features the hyphy emcees Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk, was the impetuous, inspired result of Shadow’s love-at-first-listen affair with the Bay’s answer to crunk. Shadow has made the record that best represents who he is and what he wants to be, and that shows, to borrow a phrase from another hip hop pioneer, both where he’s from, and where he’s at.

For tour dates and more info, please log on to:

Wallpaper* City Guides

The people that give us the hottest of the heat worldwide on a monthly basis, have also at times brought us the short-lived “Line” Mag (Sports, Sporting and Active wear), Spruce (Their uni-sex High Fashion foray), CML (A small mag briefly put together by the Wallpaper* staff for Camel Cigs) and the now-defunct Wallpaper* Navigator (Small, updated collections of the City Guides that come in each issue) now bring us something new…

Sure, they haven’t quite been the same since the departure of founder and former Chief Editor, Tyler Brule, but that hasn’t stopped The Selektor from purchasing at least one copy of each issue for a private collection. Teaming with Art, Architecture and Design heavy publisher PHAIDON, Wallpaper* delivers a new, pocket, purse or man-bag sized travel guide City by city for trust-fund world travelers in love with Art and Design.

Check them out here

Barcelona City Guide

The Afrofuture Sessions

Nigerian-born producer and vocalist Wale Oyejide lets you know just what to expect from his new album, “Africahot! The Afrofuture Sessions” (Shaman Work). Oyejide has already experimented with instrumental Hip-Hop and afro-beat on his first two albums, and his latest effort attempts to combine both genres along with the occasional brokenbeat groove.

The album’s best feature is derived from Oyejide’s ability to transcend genres and emotions. All these various influences and sounds, the album never feels scattered, as Oyejide’s beats and vocals tie everything together with an unmistakably African vibe that never ventures into world music cheese. If Africahot! truly does represent the future of afrobeat, then that’s a great sign.

A voyage of Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and Broken Beat Futuresound.

Free Download

Full Album review

Adam Goldstone RIP

Adam was an extraordinary person who taught many of us the eclectic musical ropes. A writer, producer and DJ who made his career in music in New York City since the late 80s. Adam Goldstone passed away on August 29th in a freak slip-and-fall accident in an RV shower on his way to the Burning Man festival. R.I.P. Adam, you are missed.

Memoir by his brother DJ Sake-1
Undaground Archive Article