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Nike and Apple® have announced a partnership bringing the worlds of sports and music together like never before with the launch of innovative Nike+iPod products. The first product developed through this partnership is the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a wireless system that allows Nike+ footwear to talk with your iPod® nano to connect you to the ultimate personal running and workout experience.

Nike CEO Mark Parker and Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled Nike+iPod at an event in New York attended by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe.

“Nike+iPod is a partnership between two iconic, global brands with a shared passion for creating meaningful consumer product experiences through design and innovation,” Parker said. “This is the first result, and Nike+iPod will change the way people run. Nike+iPod creates a better running experience. We see many more such Nike+ innovations in the future.”

Reviews: 9th Wonder LACED + The Roots Dilla Tribute

Last Friday, Little Brother’s 9th Wonder killed it at LACED, which took place at the Firecracker Block Party, sponsored by Puma & FUSICOLOGY. His set, the vibe and the spectacular event review here by DJ ISSA along with a photo gallery courtesy of Firecracker.

For two nights in NYC, last Thursday and Friday, The Roots killed it both nights as J Dilla was remembered with this tribute event held to a sold-out crowd at Radio City Music Hall. For an exclusive review of night #2, a historical night indeed, check the story by Filthy of the J*DaVeY crew, click here. For photos and videos, c/o our friends at Okayplayer, click here. Speaking of J*DaVey, their North American tour launches in July! Click here for more info and dates.

9th Wonder photos courtesy of Wing Ko & Glen Han of Firecracker.

Each One Teach One

Ok, i stumbled upon this program on my flight back from Atlanta. I think that all of us know what we know, but we dont know what we dont know…so to that i suggest the The Teaching Company it brings engaging professors into your home or car through courses on DVD, audio CD, and other formats. Since 1990, great teachers from the Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown, and other leading colleges and universities have crafted over 200 courses for lifelong learners like us. It’s learning without the homework or exams, sounds like what I used to do in college!

FOOTBALL..not that kind..the other kind

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to release a new football concept than in World Cup year! Emperors of Honor have done every football fanatic proud by introducing the Denim Football concept. The varying colours and designs on offer excite and inspire even greater passion for the “Beautiful Game”. This is a “must have” item for every football fan!

JGoods Customization

For all you sneaker heads, JGoods has got the ultimate customization kit. Even if your a seasoned sneaker designer or a beginner, head over to JGoods to get their new improved sneaker customization kit. 35 dollars and your good. You get the special paint, a good brush, q-tips and also the JGoods Customization guide.

Apple 24/7 365

New York City nightlife will never be the same now that Apples new midtown store, which opens today, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The store, which has gotten a lot of buzz for its five-story, glass encased, Jobs-designed, cube-shaped entryway, will feature 4,000 square feet of retail space, most of it underground, and will be able to satisfy those musical and computing urges, day or night. Word is that the store will also be giving away one MacBook an hour to lucky visitors over the next couple of days (starting with today’s 6pm opening), so we expect some pretty sizable crowds to show up. If they add a bar and an iPod DJ system we’ll be sure to stop going to other spots and make the Apple store the place to be!

Photo courtesy Dave Thorup

Million Dollar Cell Phone?!

How much would you pay for “the Bentley of cellphones”? $1,000? $10,000? Try a cool million bucks. This one-of-a-kind quad-band handset by Goldvish sports a blinding 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds, according to designer Emmanuel Gueit, and as you’d expect from a seven-figure phone, features such amenities as Bluetooth, a camera with 8x digital zoom, MP3 playback, FM radio, included 2GB memory card and an EDGE connection (though curiously no 3G option or WiFi — it seems a million bucks isn’t what it used to be). For those of you not willing to drop such an obscene amount of money on a phone that even the designer likens to a boomerang, Goldvish also offers several other diamond-encrusted 18k gold models in your choice of rose, yellow, or white, starting at a much more reasonable $25,600.

J Dilla Foundation launches

Founded in 2006 by Maureen Yancey, mother of world-renowned hip-hop producer James Yancey aka J Dilla. The Foundation was formed to keep J Dilla’ss legacy alive and powerful, through partnerships, events, concerts, and fundraisers. The Foundation serves the dual responsibility to continue lupus research and provide quality arts training to our young people.

The J Dilla Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for lupus research and to provide training and support for underprivileged children who aspire to enhance their creative talents primarily in music. The Foundation is here to encourage health awareness and freedom of expression to the youth through music.

Official Site:
Inquiries: email here
Lupus Research
J Dilla on Myspace


6.30 Detroit @ 5th Avenue Hosted by Common & Karriem Riggins

LG KV6000

LG After releasing the very successful LG KG800 chocolate phone,it continues by soon releasing in Korea the gorgeous “Black Label” KV6000. This very attractive design called the “Black Label” which will be available in Gold and Silver versions, It has all the functionality we’ve come to expect in cell phones including an MP3 player (512 MB Memory) and Digital Camera (1.3 Megapixels) and at 14 mm thick it’s impressively thin– but the best part is the infrared sensor on the cover that by touch of thumb allows access to the keypad beneath. Won’t be long i presume before we see it head our way.

DJ Dusk benefits – 3 cities, 3 nights

3 cities in 3 nights

view NY benefit * Thurs 5.11
w/ Afrika Bambaataa | Kool DJ Herc | Jazzy Jay
DJ Spinna | Rich Medina | Ge-ology
Eli Escobar | DJ Center

view LA benefit * Fri 5.12
w/ Afrika Bambaataa | Kool DJ Herc | Jazzy Jay
Cut Chemist | Haul and Mason | Blu Jemz
Pablo Like Picasso & Expo

view SF benefit * saturday 13th
w/ Shortcut | Sake 1
The Gaslamp Killer | Fran Boogie

A long-standing member of the world famous Rootdown Sound System and Descarga Familia, Dusk swiftly shifted gears from soul to disco to reggae to latin to hip hop and house. As a student of the late Rob One (RIP), Dusk spent his early years diggin’ in the crates with some of LA’s finest, including Cut Chemist and Marvelous Marvski. We were blessed to have him be the host and DJ at several of our events – never enough. The soul controller and host with the most. Tarek Captan, you are missed. He was a kind, loving, intelligent spirit and was taken too soon from us. Around the world, music lovers, friends and family are mourning this sudden loss.

The Family’s Myspace page contains info on the Tarek Habib “Dusk” Captan Memorial Fund.