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The World’s oil reserves are running out and the next few decades could see sharp increases in oil prices and growing dependence upon oil-producing nations. Concerned, a group of Danish companies and institutions have just released a visionary concept called H2PIA, (like Utopia) the world’s first hydrogen-powered city. H2PIA will be a city based on freedom, clean energy, creativity, and fun where citizens will produce all the energy they need for themselves, sharing and selling the excess to fellow H2Pians and nearby towns. I can’t wait to visit H2PIA when it begins construction in 2007 at a site in Denmark still to be determined. Lets hope something like this comes to the USA. We need it..Check out their site for more info!


Imagine the device that unites everything that you carry along: a mobile phone, a player, your credit and discount cards, your apartment and your car keys. Well C’ALL Future Phone has imagined it and now introduce you to the future.

The device in size of a credit card 54×85,6 mm (C’ALL) will replace all those. Moreover it can work as:

- Video phone. Before making a call you can choose an operator of a mobile communication.
- All credit and discount cards that you have. The built in program will prompt an optimum variant for discounts at the given payment place.
- The remote control for any device. It can simultaneously display a teleschedule and recommendations of your favourite site.
- Keys from doors of houses and cars you have an authorization to.
- GPS-system that can automatically upload aerial photos from the Internet.
- Library, video- and music shop. You can read, listen to and whatch all that at your choise. Go to a public online library or buy all that you want in any shop of the world.
- Gaming device with support of network gaming (remember that you have a GPS and the virtual reality becomes quite real).
- Even your computer that works with any operational system that is beeng uploaded through the Internet.

For any actions connected with safety (payment, opening of a door, …) the device authorizes you by reading your fingerprints.



Yesterday saw the announcement by the Related Companies and Frank Gehry of the development of Grand Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles. Curbed LA has a lot of word-on-the street, but it’s the New York Times article that has us mildly inspired by the project:

“It’s not New York, it’s not Paris — it’s a different image and we’re struggling to find it,” Mr. Gehry said. “You don’t have a downtown. This is an attempt to find one.”

Evisu x Puma

True Love Never Dies is the name of the Evisu x Puma Jeans collaboration. The collaboration frenzy is destined to grow and grow until it finally reaches its natural conclusion and all brands throughout the world collaborate and merge into one mega brand called uniqueless consensus!!! At least Evisu and Puma have some genuine collaboration history. The Puma x Evisu trainers of a few years back were a commendable collaborative effort and to be fair True Love Never Dies is one of the best denim collaborations currently on the market with a very reasonable price-point.


Over the weekend Jeff Staple posted a few gadgets recently tricked out at the Nike Lasarium. Don’t go getting your hopes up, the Lasarium is a room on the Nike campus in Oregon where they do all their laser work—it’s not open to the public. On the left is Justin from Dime Magazine’s Blackberry 8700 with the Jordan XX allover print. The RAZR in the middle and the Sony Cybershot T1 on the right belong to Jamie from Juxtapoz Magazine and feature a hot skull Mark Smith pattern.


As soon as a Sharp-made handset shows up on the FCC with a whole bunch of confidentiality-request paperwork affixed, you know it’s gonna be good. Sidekick fans, feast your eyes on the real deal up in the grill (yep, all those pics were legit), and the um, naked, battery-less tail end of the Sidekick III (model PV200). Can’t be long now, can it? And yes, this confirms pretty much much of the info we’d already heard about the forthcoming device: 1.3 megapixel camera, expandable memory (miniSD), and Bluetooth.