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From the Soundboard - Fats Domino
@ WBAI 99.5 FM, Wednesday Nov 22 2017

On Wednesday, November 22 @ 3 am, From the Soundboard will pay tribute to a true pioneer who helped popularize the sound of Rock 'n Roll.  I'm talking about the Louisiana Creole piano player from New Orleans. He was Antoine Dominique Domino Jr. but the world knew him as Fats Domino.

Out in his own uncategorizable stratosphere, the vocalist and pianist Fats Domino, sold astonishing quantities of records from the start of the 1950s until the early 60s. Domino was an original, one of the creators of rock’n’roll, and by far the biggest selling rhythm and blues artist of that time. He was crucial in breaking down the musical colour barrier, but too mainstream and popular to retain credibility as a blues singer. He brought a new, heavy back-beat to white ears, yet trailed old-fashioned, jazz-band habits behind him. [Michael Gray - The Guardian]






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