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From the Soundboard - Brooklyn Folk Festival
@ WBAI 99.5 FM, Wednesday Apr 26 2017

On Wednesday, April 26, starting @ 3 am, From the Soundboard will focus on the ninth annual extravaganza known as the Brooklyn Folk Festival.

The Brooklyn Folk Festival strives to present the best in American and world folk music.  Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY our festival is a celebration of down-home music, cultural diversity, and memory.  Each year we draw talent from New York’s own thriving folk music scene as well as from the national and international world of folk, traditional and vernacular music.

The annual festival provides an opportunity for young and old alike to come together, enjoy music, workshops, film screenings, contests and jam sessions and be part of the vitality of our community.  The festival is produced each year with a strong sense of vision and attention to detail with the goal of achieving an event that is more than the sum of its parts.  [press release]