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From the Soundboard - Susana Baca
@ WBAI 99.5 FM, Wednesday Mar 29 2017

On Wednesday, March 22, starting 3 am, From the Soundboard continues to celebrate Women's History Month. We will focus on vocalist, composer, and Minister of Culture of Peru.  She is Peru's Barefoot Diva, Susana Baca.

As world music divas go, Susana Baca is rivaled only by Omara Portuondo and Cesaria Evora. But perhaps that label is misleading since Baca is given to neither Shirley Bassey-style bravura nor blithely theatrical mid-show cigarette breaks. Hers is a gentle but still passionate art. She cuts a graceful figure on stage in her trademark flowing robes. A smile is rarely far from her lips when not singing, and when she is, her eyes are clamped shut as she traces slow abstract arcs with bare feet.  [John Lusk - BBC Music]

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