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Preservation Hall Jazz Band featuring Yasiin Bey, Trombone Shorty & Allen Toussaint, 7evenThirty, Oh No & Chris Keyes, Bei-Ru, DJ Swamp, DJ JS1 featuring Lil’ Fame, Joell Ortiz & Bumpy Knuckles, Mistah F.A.B. & Willie Joe


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Frequencies Of Offering, S. Keen & Bonafide Beatz, 7evenThirty, 40Love, Antonio Ocasio, J-Live, Sureshot Symphony Solution, Soul Luciani

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Event Recap: Just Another Case of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival [2012]

The 8th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was similar in some ways to its previous iterations while different in others. Every year the good folks at Brooklyn Bodega put together an open festival that the borough can be proud of. There’s never any act of violence in the vicinity while generations of hip hop heads bop along to the different acts on deck. Every year there is a big headliner and a number of up and comers to fill in the day leading up to the big hurrah. Unfortunately this year the headliner Busta Rhymes seemed to get ALL of the attention…but only a little bit of actual stage time.

At one point it seemed as if the festival might not even happen this year due to funding issues. A large Kickstarter campaign was launched and just like in the movies at the last minute the funding goal was met. The idea was that by pulling together money from the general public, the festival could be kept at it’s normal affordable price of entry.  Sounds like a great way to make the community feel welcome right?  Well being that it was a success, why were people being charged more than 30 dollars at the door for entry?  Where did the money go?

The venue was changed for this year’s event. Normally the festival was held in the D.U.M.B.O part of Brooklyn under the bridge. This year it was down the road settled at the end of Brooklyn Heights with no shade to be found. Previous years also held lineups with up and coming artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar and Homeboy Sandman. All of these artists now hold down their own shows and have significant followings. The line up this year seemed to be filled with people to just pass the time along until Busta got on stage. There was even a few darts thrown by artist like Joell Ortiz and Sean P about their lack of inclusion at the festival.


When Busta did finally get on stage (around 7:20 knowing this event has a hard 8pm cut off) he ran through his deep catalog of hits. Unfortunately being aware of the time restraints his songs would end after the first verse leaving the crowd thirsty for more.  Day one fans were treated to albums cuts from his first few solo releases like Get High Tonight and Rhymes Galore.  Much was talked about on Twitter and other forms of media about who would be the “friends” part of the Busta Rhymes headline. He did bring out Lil Fame from M.O.P to perform Ante Up with him, which at this point is as much of a Brooklyn anthem as Biggie’s Juicy or Stetsasonic’s Go Stetsa 1. Slick Rick graced the stage with all of his jewelry from 88 still intact to perform Children’s Story. Buckshot and Smif N Wessun also showed up as usual.

At around 7:50 the most anticipated surprise of all came to fruition. Charlie Brown and Dinco D (you know…the D) from Leaders of the New School joined their old partner in rhyme on stage after 15 years of bitter feuding. When the three of them let out the words “It’s just another case of that ole P.T.A” fans old enough to remember went berserk. The energy of that performance could only be topped by what happened next, when Phife and Q-Tip joined the crew for the first time in a LONG time rendition of the classic posse cut Scenario. History was made on this hot summer day. The irony is that right above this year’s venue by the Brooklyn Promenade, LONS broke up on Yo MTV Raps over 15 years ago. It’s great the Bodega could bring them together 2012. Now if they could just inject the festival with a solid line up for performers that represent the best in hip hop and the borough, which the festival gets it’s name from,  at an affordable price they’ll be in good shape.

Words & Photos: Dashaun Simmons @13rose



DJ JS1 featuring Lil’ Fame, Joell Ortiz & Freddie Foxxx, DaM-FunK, Danny Brown, Mathematics vs. Peter Hader, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, Saturn Never Sleeps, Ultra Beast, Oddisee, Rel & J.Billion featuring Jacka, Kyle Rapps featuring U-N-I, Rah Digga featuring Torae & Styles P


Mayer Hawthorne, The Goin’ Way Back Show with Money B, Ishe & Hezekiah Project, Conspiracy WorldWide Radio, Kokayi, Focus & more

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Event Review & Interview: M.O.P. Still Breaking The Rules

By Dashaun Simmons for Fusicology NYC

Jay-Z in a collaboration with M.O.P once stated that listeners were about to witness “the most intelligent ignorant sh*t” they ever heard. I don’t know if there is a better phrase to describe Brownsville, Brooklyn’s flag bearers Billy Danze and Lil Fame. The 1st Family of Hip Hop made a humble return to their home sweet home of Brooklyn to perform in Southpaw. This show was a celebration in one way because the duo rarely gets to perform in Brooklyn and on top of that it was Fame’s birthday.

It’s interesting to see opening acts that are about half the age of the M.O.P exuding no influence from their main act. The first group “The Upperclassmen” was a “band” but they seemed to be still working out the kinks in their show. Their music had an evident Kanye feel complete with a cover of the song “Hell of a Life”. Additional openers Skotch Davis and The Sleepwalkas gave much-appreciated raw rap energy to get the crowd ready for the Brownsville bullies.

Before M.O.P took the stage, Fusicology got the chance to speak with Fame and Billy and the boys were very optimistic about the music they make and love. When asked about the current choices in hip hop music Billy pointed out, “Don’t you see Pharoahe Monch just put an album out? Don’t you see what Boot Camp is doing, what DJ Premier is doing, Pete Rock, what M.O.P is doing?”  In these days where ego and opportunity consistently break up and stall rap groups from the big names like Outkast (we know 10 the hard way coming soon) down to acts like Little Brother; M.O.P have somehow stayed close knit. When asked about the idea of a rap group they replied, “We’re not a group. We’ve been down since before the world knew us as M.O.P”.

Fellow underground rap veterans like Big Noyd from The Infamous Mobb Deep crew and Steele from Smif N Wessun blended into the crowd and looked on as M.O.P took the stage. When you’re a group with a catalog as deep as theirs you can afford to bounce around from album to album.

They started with the smash “Cold As Ice” from their Warriorz LP. With Laze E Laze on the 1s and 2s, the audience was transported back to a time of punch you in your face hip hop. From their first single “How About Some Hardcore” to gems like “4 Alarm Blaze” with a missing in action Teflon on deck, the energy level was on 10. It’s absolutely impossible to leave an M.O.P show with your voice intact. While most underground hip hop shows have a tribute to the fallen soldier GURU in the set, it’s more personal for M.O.P. Fame and Billy knew the man. They worked with his partner DJ Premier as if he were their primary producer.

Fame and Billy have been in the rap game since 93 and have seen a lot of acts come and go. They have been on more than 5 record labels in their career. They still rep Brooklyn even though the borough has gone through a number of changes. When asked about their home, Fame states, “It’s real corporate now. It’s a lot of those other people but a new generation will thug it out again.”  Billy adds, “Hopefully things will change for the better but we’re fighting against forces and nobody is giving us any opportunities.”  In a city where people are still feeling disenfranchised, an anthem like “Ante Up” still holds true unfortunately. As long as there is a class of people being overlooked and kept out from the fruits of society M.O.P will have an audience. In their own words they make “Ghetto Music” and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Salute.